Which Of The Following Might Be A Benefit Of Online Learning For Discussion?

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Which Of The Following Might Be A Benefit Of Online Learning For Discussion?

If some sort of new system of educational self-repetition had made it onto our TV screens by the 1990s, the causes of academic, psychological, behavioral, and cognitive disorders in America might have been better understood. If teachers had been giving lessons via web streaming or high-speed internet, educational productivity would have greatly increased.

Just imagine a $5 pre-recorded lecture on autobiographical reflection delivered on weekdays as an online video streaming service. It would cost $3,000 annually to use and may last more than 6 hours, but might convince millions to “go on a quest for self-awareness.” Let’s speculate on the social positives.

Interconnectedness: Currently we spend much more time in solitude than in relationship, and our social cohesion is declining dramatically.

Personality development: Students are being taught to expend and be “entertained” (eg, binge-watching television) for learning purposes.

Improvements in educational performance: If blended learning results in substantially higher educational attainment and decreases the lifetime cost to taxpayers, schools could have an expanded learning budget.

Is it time to for our universities to emulate the so-called “civic spring” of civil society and adopt the online classroom model of Pre-K through 12th grade?

It could help rehabilitate enormous volumes of historically forgotten or narrowly understood learning and interactions, such as implicit bias training for teachers and integration of data on the dispositions of online learners in real time to enable creative and targeted programs.

Some form of online learning can become another social platform, allowing learning communities to grow, adapt, and thrive. Educationally, we have become accustomed to free labor, but paid work comes with dignity, respect, opportunity, and flexibility. The quality of life begins with self-confidence. Teaching online is one way to raise confidence.

We should all use technology to create more confidence.

Human Exclusion: Technology has an “us” versus “them” mindset where we have developed and discussed ways to solve social, psychological, and behavioral problems to the exclusion of those who lack representation in a designated society or setting.

Discrimination and unfettered technophobia

The “them” that is gaining prominence is the rising number of white American men (and only a few women) in prison, jail, and jail’s alternative, so-called “corrections facilities.”

Justice Reinvestment efforts are disproportionally applied against poor and minority men. At the same time, technology is being appropriated as a tool for career advancement for university business models.

We have also been exuding surveillance on an astonishing scale. The surveillance projects by “computer” state agencies, such as those in the UK, have transformed learning and culture in the US and Europe.

Market Is Determining With Every “Click”

Both public policy and media dominate public opinion regarding social and psychological problems and solutions.

This selection of “Links” is a selection of articles and research on various issues relating to problems of the past decades, and how technology is being used or used as a tool for individuals and populations to gain or retain privilege and access.

The Reader is impressed to consider one argument after another and see the collective impact of technological entrepreneurship, ranging from manufacturing to the complexity of data technologies. The Author looks forward to future additions to this file.

The author rates how present-day technology is creating unjust scenarios, resulting in “digital addictions,” and reveals the roots of harassment and discrimination.

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