Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Online Learning? Fails To Link

While some students are surprised and a bit excited when they learn online might be an educational option for them, there is another side to the story.

Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Online Learning? Fails To Link

With so many options for college, competition is fierce. But when it comes to coursework, online schooling is an increasingly compelling option. As you finish the last year of high school, you can sign up for a little pre-college training — or access top tier courses. But which of these advantages makes it worthwhile for you? Why?

There are pros and cons, even for the same course.

I’ve just recently passed the exam, I’m proud to be using the ____________ (fill in the blank) ____! And you’re right. Then why are you reading this article? Just so I can call out these features that online providers lack. There are pros and cons, even for the same course.

Yearly vs. Semester

No question, you can learn everything you need to know in one year through online learning (a guaranteed course rotation from one year to the next), but let’s focus on one skill that’s critical for post-graduation life: research. School year obviously provides plenty of time to read, but with schools like the University of California (Santa Barbara), you can also take online courses directly, meeting with teachers just once a week and staying busy with independent research projects. Not being in a lecture hall every day can be a huge boon for your research. This also requires less effort to study when you’re away from campus — another plus for online learning.

Opportunity for Discretion

When your daughter is dropped off at orientation, but the trip is tardy because they missed a train, what do you do? If you just need her to arrive on time, you can simply arrange for other transportation, or take her car to pick her up at the lot. With online courses, however, the last step in this situation is unknown until the day you register. You have a choice to take this risk, but there’s also a chance you will be late. If you enrolled in video courses, it would likely have to be at the last minute.

Don’t Forget the Bootcamp

Remember the “here and now” part of online education? You must have enough bite, with key concepts that are effectively understood, in order to keep improving and raising your level of instruction, in your own time. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to take a course you’ve never attempted and will struggle through on your own. If you can’t afford to commit to a full online course that requires semester-long study and practice, then you have to implement effective subject matter mastery and content mastery exercises in sessions that you take with your instructors. Online courses, like a bootcamp, will provide you with a good foundation to jump right in.


When I’m evaluating what’s too much, it’s usually the cost. Fortunately, some online courses have class fees of $60 or less. Even better, coursework covers all subjects, or can be split by instructor. Just pick the subject that’s most interesting to you, register, and study with the course coordinator. When it comes to cost, however, some online classes are far less expensive than others. The Udacity Vault hosted on Amazon Web Services, for example, is free. With so many options, you can pick which one fits your budget the best.

Do You Need To Be Conforming To A Higher Standard?

Some online courses might require you to have all of the skills taught in the class. To do this, you’ll need all of the standard library activities like class participation, graded homework assignments, peer review, and essay composition. This might seem unnecessary for certain subjects, like some intellectual subjects like music, but it’s important that you can apply what you learn. You’ll find it in the form of increased focus on work habits — including specific definitions and knowledge of basic vocabulary. It’s tough to grade homework and essays without a student who is actually participating. Classwork is graded — with adult supervision — for each subject.

Another important reason to take online courses is for your resume, part-time job, or online work. Education opportunities should be as flexible as possible. The workspaces and intellectual bases of online learning are comparable to the professional environments you would work in, but without many of the stressors.

As always, be sure to read the fine print on any course you consider. Online education is an excellent way to increase your potential.

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