Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Online Learning

Education conducted online has it ups and downs, so these items are worth noting.

First a little background. I’m a graduate of Lehigh University (great program). There were two requirements for getting into Lehigh, one being achieving pre-med and one being learning about social justice. I’m sure that some universities encourage certain types of behaviors. Did I say in the written example I’m showing you here? I also stated that it was the first time in my life that I personally had to engage in such a movement. This was incredibly humbling for me and I can honestly say I would have never gone to college if I had taken the small things in life to mean less. We all have our “common sense” or “critical thinking” ingrained in us that we ignore. This is why when I was advised to partake in online learning, I was unsure about the best option, so I went with Online Massive Open Online Courses (or some would call them MOOCS) for my degree. Let me explain.

When you apply online to a school, they ask you a few questions to find out if you’d like to attend a certain school. If you like the school or don’t like the school then they look for a lot of things, but some of them are more valid than others. Why should I use online learning to acquire a professional degree when I can learn from a familiar face (like my family) or better yet, from that person who is inspiring me? Is spending a few hours staring at a screen in my pajamas over the course of a couple months as an alternative to long hours at school really that great? Based on a few random case studies, I can reveal that there is actually a ton of disadvantages to being an online student. Let’s examine a few.

1. Finding a Solicitor

If you are a French student seeking an international masters program then English is your primary language. If you want to work on an international appeal, you’ll need a great French lawyer that can help you. If you want to study an advanced online class, which is a standard part of your master’s program, then you’ll be stuck studying in a foreign country. You don’t want to put yourself at a huge disadvantage on your resume but you can’t afford to send an attorney to your house with an hour’s worth of reading material.

2. Forgetting the Google Problem

Remember when Google came out? Google turned the world upside down. What worked for Google, works for everyone. What works for everyone will work for you. The truth is, those Google algorithms and the technology available for learning won’t always beat in the courts. Most universities believe these are trivial solutions to what is a very complex problem. Courses take about six months to complete online and when you’re done and looking for another course to take, you’ll have that program completed and no resume to show for it. Online courses will always be able to be shared by a few students at a time or at least promote their course externally. And when you consider that Google has only 2.2% of the people in the world, you better hope that your status at this point, even at this point, will have been worth this attempt.

You’re Welcome

We can point to many examples from industries that, with the proper filtering and filtering tools, simply wouldn’t exist. Every industry has an outsized percentage of educated citizens who are employed in different areas of the world. Studies done by the U.S. Department of Commerce reports that at the peak of the economic boom and technology bubble of 2001, employment opportunities for workers who could operate software like word processors and spreadsheets with a degree was 95% of the entire job market. After the recession, skilled workers were hired at a slower rate than their non-skilled counterparts, and in fact, skilled workers in fields like STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) became underrepresented in the workforce.

I know what you’re saying. You don’t want to run away from the career ladder, but you have to learn how to measure time and money correctly. This is part of online learning, but it’s a very nuanced part of education. To get you on the right track, I’ll leave you with this quote from Linus Torvalds’ book:

“I’ve experienced a lot of great risks that I’ve taken without seeing any financial gain. You just have to figure out what’s worth it to you.”

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