Which Louisiana Colleges Offer Online Learning

Where does your kids go to college? In 2019, the options are still very broad—there’s a huge selection of colleges in Louisiana where parents can find the best value.

Which Louisiana Colleges Offer Online Learning

The range of options for college in the Beaux Arts State are vast. Go to any school in Louisiana and chances are you’ll find yourself navigating the demands of both a textbook-based existence and more hands-on options. As professors and administrators continue to accommodate and celebrate different paths to higher education, the nature of academic instruction has opened up options and improved quality in a big way.

For the learner who is looking to go from boot camp to a diploma, from just learning the job to mastering the entire skill set, we’ve found all types of schools in state that offer undergraduate degree programs online. These schools offer the opportunity to enter your freshman year with a start date and then follow your own set of goals by taking online courses the second semester of your senior year when it’s time to apply to the next level.

Here’s a little bit about the options available for those that want an on-the-job-ready education:

Trinity University

In business, Trinity University doesn’t only talk, they walk. Trinity requires that all four years of its MBA program be completed on the soil of the Gulf Coast, something that’s not often happening at a great degree-granting institution. The program is highly interactive, with the students actually sitting in a “virtual classroom” located in Baton Rouge and working on projects and work projects as part of their coursework. Students can complete up to 10 units per semester, giving them almost double the time to finish the degree without impacting their coursework. Students can complete it in as little as four years, and many graduate already in the top 20 percent of their class.

Loyola University

Loyola University of New Orleans is home to the men’s and women’s AAC National Champions in both basketball and hockey and has more than 30,000 students in its various schools, making it one of the largest, most successful colleges in the state. Even with its size, the school has students split between the two main campuses and a West Bank campus in Kenner. Despite its size, the school offers a strong online learning option for graduates and those looking to fulfill career interests outside of the strict confines of a classroom. This option is available to students looking to switch careers, give students the ability to study wherever they’re actually located, and allows students to save as much as 70 percent of their expenses. Students enrolling in the Dean’s List program also receive discounts on school publications, allowing them to find online courses at half the price while avoiding an added fee.

Southeastern Louisiana University

Southeastern Louisiana University is situated in the New Orleans metropolitan area, and the school offers a unique online option that many educational institutions don’t even provide anymore. Students enroll in a wide range of majors, but one of the most popular is hospitality management. The school has two undergraduate programs in this field of study, and students are enrolled in a “seven-year effort.” The longer of the two programs begins in a junior year, and their choices range from conducting surveys, printing menus, providing customer service and business education at hotels, resorts and motels and resorts, and website design and development. Additionally, the program’s online component is available for anyone to complete as long as they’re the type of person that likes to continue pursuing their career no matter where they are.

Central State University

The Beaux Arts State has some of the best music schools in the entire country. Many of the people the music program has produced have been able to break out on their own, leading to nationwide success. Central State University has taken advantage of the fact that their alumni have gone on to earn their degrees in quite a few of the major fields, which means they have quite a bit of experience in online education. At CSU, more than 100 percent of students are enrolled in more than 100 percent of the program, meaning they’re in most classes multiple times and stay current throughout the semester. The school is even a national leader in the area, having held the Title I designation — the top-rated category of the National Association for College Admission Counseling — for five years in a row.

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