Which Is The Best Online Platform For Learning Cbse Syllabus In India

Do you want to create a first class learning program in your university in India? Cbse.

Which Is The Best Online Platform For Learning Cbse Syllabus In India

Research shows that a student’s first few semesters in university can alter future success. Institutions of higher learning depend on academics to predict the success of a student’s CV, future job prospects, and life experience. Whether you are studying in the US or India, learning to write a syllabus is essential to a learning experience. In both the countries, the ability to churn out catchy term papers—literally in every course—and test papers will win a student over.

Few platforms have the staying power, reach, and credibility of ResearchGate and edX. With their respective U.S. and India presences, each of the major curriculum agencies (U.S. based the Advanced Placement (AP) and the Indian Organization of Central Councils for Higher Education (Cochin) Organization, both of which are associated with educational institutions), not to mention Stanford’s enormous library, ResearchGate and edX claim to be the two most successful open online courses (OOCs). Both of these platform enable students to offer themselves for the entire academic year, with interactive online courses.

Around the world, thousands of institutions are rapidly adopting open education formats to create a one-to-one personalized learning experience for their student population. Technology has now become ubiquitous in higher education, and it is now possible to access more than an extraordinary curriculum. With edX and ResearchGate as their educational resource of choice, you can now be a part of learning a formal, project-based curriculum while completing your course online.

EdX is a Stanford-affiliated project that promises to offer peer-to-peer learning and ed-tech resources to students in both the United States and India. This digital collaboration also uses an emerging problem solver, Kaggle, in which the pair released their edX courses for free and the most expensive ones for paid subscribers. EdX has global reach, global publication infrastructure, and global delivery. They offer more than 700 ed-tech offerings in more than 100 languages. For students who want to get a perfect score on the Comprehensive XII exam in India, edX provides online remedial testing. For those who want to be ranked among the world’s best, ResearchGate offers the best analytics tools for finding the right information for an upcoming paper. Moreover, ResearchGate’s platform is based on peer-to-peer exchanges and open collaborative approach, which is why it has attracted the support of many scholarly institutions such as the Samba Foundation, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Virginia.

ResearchGate is the most recognized platform for course development in India. With a dedicated group of alums that provide guidance to professionals to start an online learning program, they provide professional guidance to students via a peer-to-peer system. As of January 2018, it has more than 50,000 registered users from over 85 countries around the world, and it also facilitates posting course content, grades, and tutorials for teachers as well. ResearchGate also allows education institutions to provide assignments and certificates.

The Educom curricula are based on the same principles, and they also include a persuasive, collaborative system that allows everyone to contribute to the content. The courses can be accessed through both web and smartphone. With so many other platforms in the Indian market, this seems like a difficult option to choose, and many learn management students face a data overload. Interestingly, EdX is the first platform to offer access to all of the online resources through their web and mobile sites.

Before committing to the edX or ResearchGate courses, the students must be sure to understand their uniqueness and viability. Some academic programs that plan to use the edX course or ResearchGate course are Stanford University, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, and several Indian universities. If you are eager to take a more ambitious, profound approach to your learning, both of these platforms will enable you to study the material, either from a traditional textbook or a series of interactive online courses. The students of India and the US can now study through an exhaustive catalogue of resources in two leading brands.

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