Which Is Better Buying A Laptop For Machine Learning Or Taking A Online Cloud Source

The difference between laptops and cloud computing, or SaaS, are becoming a thing of the past.

Looking at a business model and asking if the business is broken down into easily digestible pieces is important when looking at the relative advantages of one over the other. I have an internet search engine site that I built. It was an easy idea to get started with, and I was pretty efficient as a ten year old (aside from perfecting a crossword puzzle!). However, an issue arose a few years ago when some new owners took over and decided to monetize by charging users for content. I was still building it by hand (and largely saw it as a hobby rather than a business) but no longer was it a part of my life. However, the idea came back to me a few years ago. I wanted to find a way to control the content that I am putting online with a micropayment model, while also hosting it on my site so people could find it. It is interesting that I am talking about the content I am creating today in this article because I know it is the content I am putting online that is valuable – even if I don’t build it myself.

Now that I am thinking of building out the site again, I am having a chat with one of my newer writers – David Caudill. I started working with him last year when he was able to get an invite to publish his work on my site for free. David asked if he could build a blog for a little revenue. What he came up with was a fascinating re-structuring of a site called Patreon.

It is an interesting concept, but one that would be hard to summarize in this post. The point is simple – you have a blog and you think it is a good idea to publish it as an image on your site. Well, there is another idea. You go to Patreon, where you can set yourself up as a “poster.” If people wanted to read about your blog or about your work, they can now pay a little extra to see that happen. That helps cover the cost of hosting the site and getting more content up, which in turn makes more money for you. A generous line for a TV advert could be 5 or 10 bucks per post, or the ability to have a file on your site that is indexed by search engines.

Here is the interesting thing – there are millions of sites with a newsletter format and readers willing to help out with various costs that are out there that are less complicated than getting a $5 or $10 donation on Patreon. As a creative, you might be able to design a personal website to better showcase your work without any assistance from third parties. If your work is simply there to create conversation, the possibility exists for you to directly monetize your content.

Technology has almost entirely shifted towards selling your “ideas” directly to people (if not to yourself directly). A great example of this is Youtube in that it has built a powerhouse around just content itself. It was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. It was a video sharing site then, and it is now what it is today – a place for people to connect and watch short or long clips. It is a strong way to create revenue for both you and the site that you work for.

The platform has never been about selling ad spaces or an automated cash cow. The idea has always been around providing a platform to directly sell your idea to the world. You can do that now with Patreon. This could be the model for other entertainment based sites, or it can be a huge new sustainable revenue stream for you as an artist or for your business.

Since all business is ultimately about money and profitability, I think this is one scenario that can help you recognize the value of your services and be more creative about how you present your work in your online space. It is something I have not thought about as an entrepreneur, but when put into play, it has been very profitable. Patreon is really another level of internet success. It is more than a fun thing to do. It is a gold mine – for you. I am not sure if you can say that about any service on the internet.

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