Which Federal Laws Provide Guidnce For Designing Online Learning Experiences

Education Online Courses Face A Storm Of Injustices In Federal Law. Here’s How And Why They Should Be Changed.

Which Federal Laws Provide Guidnce For Designing Online Learning Experiences

The internet age has led to advances in technical and organizational knowledge, not to mention all the possibilities it has opened up to the average person who is trying to learn a new skill. With more and more people downloading the latest apps, all striving to become better informed, the question that we should be asking ourselves is: “Which laws are applicable when designing online learning experiences?”

In order to fully utilize our online capabilities, we can’t sit idly by. There are many legal ramifications of interacting with the internet while doing something else. For example, not using old fashioned passwords, attempting to access corporate networks, breaking down firewalls, and violating terms of service. Generally, people would use specific terms of service to guarantee that their privacy would be protected. Those online safety features are now one of the most important pieces of code that a company needs to have in place before downloading an app.

I’m not going to go into all the technical aspects of online learning. Rather, I’m going to focus on design. One of the best resources for the kind of features that might come into play when designing the online learning experience are the “righthand side” of the law. That’s because the law is concerned with design as much as it is with industry rules and regulations. The foremost aspect that each state in America lays down in its web laws is that users should be able to enforce their privacy rights in all situations.

Is online learning a business or a hobby?

They should be protected under the same clauses as if they were a store. If you are into an online business, then your website should meet the standards of a store- having things such as a return policy, creating a rewards program, and being engaged in a social network. So basically, an online business should not post a door on its door that discourages potential customers from coming in.

Don’t forget to establish a liability plan

If any of your projects result in someone getting hurt, you should insure yourself. This goes for all freelancers. A few years ago I wrote about the insurance that I required of freelancers and there are policies that can help you achieve the same level of protection that I secured for myself. It’s a rule that was set by the General Assembly of Freelancers. If you are selling goods on Amazon, then the “safe harbor” rules should be set up, but then they are very strict.

If you want to engage in online teaching, you should make a budget for your materials and your own liability. Yes, you’re on your own, but with a bit of guidance from the court’s decision you can successfully navigate your way.

Sustainment laws

Keeping a business thriving for decades is a true feat. One of the most realistic laws that can help an online business goes something like this: Think like a business owner and run it as a business. I have students who have only existed on the internet for a few years, but the online learning experience has been integral to their business growth. Regardless of where it has begun, take a few ideas of how you want your business to grow over the long run.

The skills and experience that you acquired are priceless in the business industry. After working as a freelancer for years, many individuals can have a great variety of skills and expertise. Nowadays, one of the questions that many companies are asking of freelancers is how they develop their own teaching skill. A learning management system is a great way to expand your market while keeping yourself relevant and doing the type of work that matters to your company. You can learn about you online learning experience in this article.

Online learning experiences are nothing to be ashamed of

The average person can often be seen running online courses with the hashtag #GoalsAlterative. Rather than using one of those as a pessimistic approach, many people are embracing the opportunities that the internet has provided. While some use it to get qualified to work in the areas that they learned, there is also a huge group of people who use online learning as a means to better themselves professionally. Online learning courses are not only worth doing as a hobby or business, but they are incredibly beneficial to individuals who want to attain a higher skill-set.

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