Where To Start Learning Coding Online

What Can You Learn Online For Free? – Here are some sites that have thriving communities.

Getting a new skill takes time. Most of us are familiar with the idea of how one finds mentors or tutors to help students that struggle in a given area. Once you have begun your learning process, the real challenges come in deciphering just what you need to be thinking. The online learning space offers some unique pitfalls and challenges in this process that a more traditional classroom setting might not. Let’s take a look at some of the online options.

Alternative Learning

Available for a variety of courses you can find options to pick from within the Hack or Ph.D. options. Perhaps the most popular option is Coursera, which offers courses in a wide variety of fields including Business, Psychology, and Media Tech. Many of the courses include live interaction to ensure that any technical skill you are taking seriously is not that out of reach.

Skillshare has is also an option within the online learning space. You might find yourself picking up skills like animation, voice, or drawing so it makes sense that most of their focus is geared toward the media tech realm. One of the most recent additions to the options is NewSpace, which focuses on the field of chemistry as well.

Career Intensive

An option that is rarely discussed but should be is Coding Internships. These have become more popular and are an important avenue to get young folks interested in learning how to code. There are courses for any age and people who find themselves employed or in a position to provide support to such projects see many possible opportunities to work alongside the learning process.

Coding School offers both a comprehensive course to make sure people have the basics of coding – critical thinking, coding, HTML – as well as introductory to Python. You can now even sign up for an introductory course to Ruby on Rails which is becoming extremely popular as of late.

Parents and educators alike will need to consider their approach to teaching programming skills. Some work with community college programs where you can download the class worksheets and then put them to use on your own computer. Some will find online teachers who are tutoring on multiple platforms for the same core courses. Others will opt for a more structured experience where they receive a few lessons a week, and then build up to a set number of hours a week.

This is why we would recommend community college programs that allow you to take a course over a shorter time span. The structure of such programs allows for structure and momentum as opposed to just throwing something at someone in an informal setting.

Professional Development

Beyond training a new set of skills, there is a good bit of professional development in the program. The city of New York is exploring this as a viable avenue for help for our youth. Specifically, there is the chance to work with the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. It’s not a full coder academy but it is the first initiative from this level to provide an online program.

They do not require any prior coding experience to apply and receive additional training in New York City. They have an option that allows the instructor to be able to come into your home, which is great if you have children involved.

From a regular person perspective, Tinkering Sessions offer a flexible method for those looking to pursue their interests in creating projects for those with more traditional industry experiences. The experience is tailored to those that want to learn how to create custom websites as well as how to integrate new digital interfaces or software into an app.

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