Where To Go Online To Get Help For A Child With A Learning Or Attention Issue

Help is never far online for a kid who is lost, has questions or issues for school. Here are a few examples.

Conventional wisdom says you’ll see a drop in repeat offending when people find out others are doing the same, and you should focus on the positive message.

However, if you do go online and join the 11million children on the UK’s referral website teachingpages.com, you’ll discover that risk of repeat offending and truancy remain alarmingly high amongst the general population.

Tina Hadley recently appeared in the headlines after being pulled off an EasyJet flight due to unresolved missed appointments over an alleged ADHD problem. She was repeatedly allowed to travel, but after further missed appointments the airline became suspicious. The experts on teachingpages.com claim they can improve that concern level drastically.

About 3-5% of children and young people with a disability have a learning or attention problem. Sadly, we know that repeating behaviour isn’t beneficial to anyone. At the moment there’s no clear evidence about what causes the problem.

The best recent evidence suggests that reading and writing anxiety can cause behavioural problems such as missing appointments and school behaviour.

As for disruptive behaviour, the research is pretty robust in suggesting that ADHD can cause poor behaviour and that troubled youth with ADHD are more likely to drop out of education and need special support.

But these studies come with caveats, and some of the things that kids with ADHD do that cause disruption isn’t exactly the kind of behaviour you can measure online. It’s certainly not something we’d expect anyone to take literally.

The task of establishing diagnosis can be complicated by the fact that children with ADHD are over-represented in the population anyway, meaning that it’s always harder to prove that behaviour was caused by the condition.

Because of this, the study being done by mathematicians and social scientists at Newcastle University in partnership with the Faculty of Education in Sunderland can help narrow down the cause of disruptive behaviour.

The team has developed a new way of analysing data to work out why some kids with ADHD behave the way they do. It’s called the visual repetitive process (RSP) test.

This is a series of 50 questions that does away with traditional questionnaire type quizzes, and even goes so far as to measure eye-tracking while they’re asked these questions, something not done before.

The implication is that we can identify whether a child has ADHD or not, and whether it’s causing disruptive behaviour. It’s not a free service, but the big benefit for parents is that they don’t have to worry about clogging up their time over teachers’ ‘whining’ about children with ADHD being disruptive.

The more help these children get the better, but it can be difficult to tell how much help they’ll get until a first rough visit to the GP. The only way parents can tell if something’s really wrong is by seeing their GP.

Perhaps despite the current popularity of TV programme, therapy, support groups and online communities, many people who have ADHD and their families are still unaware that there’s help out there. That means they may be going to school, living in a housing estate, or living a certain area without thought of finding a local online support group.

But that’s the problem: people don’t think like other people and believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Instead it’s seen as an attempt to escape responsibility.

Out of millions of children coming through the system, just one in 20 will reach a turning point in their school lives where they are able to identify what’s troubling them and the school is there to help.

If you have a kid with ADHD in your life, contact Leeds-based learning services site, teachingpages.com.

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