Where To Find The Learning Curve Activities On Liberty Online

When just hanging out and enjoying a tour of Liberty Online you might be surprised by the skills and experiences offered.

Where To Find The Learning Curve Activities On Liberty Online

Liberty Online (LIBERTY) is the online platform of UT Mom’s, Kohner Dental, the entire home improvement group (Turbo Tax) and is used in more than 40 states. I have not had the chance to try LIBERTY out but in every location my children try it, they love it. I recently tried it for the first time with my older son and there was a learning curve. It started out simple and seemed easy enough but when our 3-year-old son was more reserved and our 6-year-old son put in more effort he realized that trying to use the various programming choices was out of his reach. He took a half hour to get his head around the Liberty Learning Curve Activity Library.

My patience was tested when I had to search an entire library until I found the appropriate one. This drove me nuts to find that he was supposed to be able to scan for the “phantom child” to connect with it. However, I couldn’t figure out how the searching was supposed to work. Once he figured it out, the Learning Curve was a great learning tool and he learned so much, both in terms of language and technology. My daughter, who was 5 at the time of the testing, had no trouble with it. “My time with LIBERTY Online was made by one mom and by teaching my children how to use LIBERTY Online, I hope that I will teach them valuable things about technology and to be comfortable with it.”

I know what you are thinking, but this is my primary focus, so here’s why I think I like LIBERTY so much. The company has increased membership by 60 percent over the last year. In conjunction with this, it offers a $10.99 a month membership that gives members an extended 90 days of free trial and its mobile app.

This lower cost of living membership makes a lot of sense for my family. You can have an extracurricular activity as a family and teach your kids all about tech and coding. I would love to see LIBERTY expand its membership options and give the memberships a longer trial before charging the extra $10.99 a month. This was a great learning curve for my sons and will continue to be a valuable part of their lives moving forward.

LIBERTY’s Learning Curve Activity Library provides 30 online tools to learn on. Using LIBERTY, you can learn how to program, code and use different systems on the go. I often browse the Liberty Learning Curve while my kids are on a game. I know what they will encounter and they quickly pick up on the trends. The library is also a lot easier to use as there are no surprises because you are familiar with what is going on and you just press a button.

LIBERTY currently offers free trials for kids 12 and under for the Learning Curve and off site activities which we would love to do with our older son in the future. These options are a great way to keep your kids at home, engaged and learning at the same time.

LIBERTY offers two pricing plans. “Private Learning Curve” is the more expensive version which allows you to connect with the center library and allows you to create your own library with your LIBERTY account. The “Zone World” offers these same features for $10.99 a month. This gives you the access to all of the sites at your destination, but you don’t need to keep up with LIBERTY.

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