Where To Find The Learning Curve Activities On Liberty Online

Liberty Online offers educational online lessons for parents as they welcome their baby, help care for older family members, or learn to cope with cancer.

Where To Find The Learning Curve Activities On Liberty Online

Liberty Online, Amazon’s online video and music service, is currently undergoing a makeover, and let’s just say it will delight and intrigue anyone whose interests skew young. The world’s biggest retailer is courting millennials with both original content and spin-offs from their extensive back catalogues. In honor of the exciting changes taking place at Liberty Online, this Twitter roundup of the best learning curve activities is here to make sure you’re well-practiced before you begin your Amazon Prime membership.

Alexa, and Answer Me Questions!

Music quiz show Singalong with Alexa! – This is an interactive series that allows Alexa to provide answers to musical questions in the time it takes you to press play. This has the potential to completely transform your relationship with Alexa from passive to active and make the daily rhythm of life even more interactive.

Music Fest with Alexa! – Music festivals are the driving force behind driving our lives nowadays, and both Amazon Prime and Alexa have a wealth of the best variety acts from various musical styles – from funk to rock to pop. When coupled with Alexa, one of your favorite music festivals will become part of the daily routine you’ll want to incorporate as you begin your subscription on Liberty Online.

Music Searches – Before Amazon announced its new subscription service, Alexa supported searches enabled users to ‘eat like a chef,’ ‘check news like a reporter,’ and ‘top quality restaurants like a pizza lover,’ all in a highly entertaining manner. Now, music searching allows Amazon Prime subscribers to search for music the way they listen to radio stations, or on their mobile phones. The recipe for flexibility, language ease, and convenience can never be topped.

Shout Out!

Shout Out! is an Amazon Prime exclusive for American audiences. Searching ‘mom jeans’ or ‘marathon’ won’t work, since they’re currently streaming and not available to American subscribers, but ‘girl names’ and ‘simpsons jokes’ should!

Hands-Free Shopping

Check out a song that will make you cry, or a Pokemon skit that will make you laugh! With the Amazon Music app and Alexa, you can request music and playlists simply by saying ‘Alexa, play a song that makes me cry’ or ‘Alexa, play a song that makes me laugh,’ and there’s no need to pause or adjust your phone to your ear. This means you can “put it down,” “shake it,” or ‘double tap’ to find out what’s about to come at you. Pause is discouraged, and a very good thing.

The Amazon Echo Dot is our new best friend. It’s a radio. A conversational home assistant. A bedroom alarm clock. It has so much smart stuff, so with Alexa skill Amazon Music, the “What can Alexa do?” won’t run dry any time soon.

Bored of Soundtracks?

If you’ve been wondering why your friends all use a barrage of up-tempo rock songs as their background music when they go out to a bar and you don’t like them doing that, then we have just the thing for you.

Asda actually has a soundtrack. And its not even that dissimilar to Stranger Things. Jugulars! Sharks! Forces of nature – or maybe a dream sequence? Whatever it is, we’re absolutely sure someone will be totally engrossed in it.

Briefly remember the Mr. Tube video game?

Mr. Tube mixes images from James Bond and Back to the Future and you set up an alien transport system. In theory it’s OK, but the repetition of the music is the key to its success. You can also create video messages using holograms or video art installations, and you get to finish up by confronting a raven with your memories. All you have to do is press play.

Not into music, but want a gimmick?

If you have no interest in working out, simply telling Alexa something like “Alexa, workout on Mars” may be enough to get her to suggest a workout program. The only challenge here is how long the music will last – especially since Alexa is listening to track credits and track information.

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