Where To Find Course Videos Online In Machine Learning Computer Vision

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Fall is here. Hot air balloons drift above city rooftops, the colder air takes over, the sun becomes a companion in its own right. There’s time to reflect, of course, but fall can also be said to be the season of small, slow-moving storms, disturbances like Brett, Betsy, Hal, Ike, and Gracie, strong and violent but modest enough that they can pass unnoticed. Along with firmer ground, they lie dormant, or dormant by nature, and sometimes still change shape even after passing, a sideway spiral that, like all other galaxy’s, goes nowhere.

Which brings us to Margaret Harbin, Ph.D., who based her activity on astronomy, discovered a way to use human intuition, with an intriguing method of combination. She wrote the manual for machine learning use, the training set for numerous classes of general and professional artificial intelligence (AI) programs, and has also been named as one of the five most influential computer vision thinkers of the past two decades, joining Michael Crichton and Bob Krakoff and David Ray Griffin in that regard.

Rather than guiding in neural networks (such as Deep Thought), Harbin tells us she’s guided by naturalistic models of what humans see. For her example of how some humans must manually move to get good results, she has a comparison. There are people who have to move on their hands, inside their shoes, to be at a turning point, and there are people who just look like they have their feet on the ground. Her machine-learning method takes these abilities and mixes them with neural networks to achieve better results, whereas classical training can turn out aberrant results.

Though I very much enjoyed her lecture, I’d still leave it up to you. But the next thing you need to understand is where to find course materials, both “intuitive” and “algorithmic”, in machine learning machine vision, though now with a twist, virtual. Just put “computer vision” into your search engine, and Google should bring you what you need. Go to Google, look for “machine learning” and “machine vision,” and be prepared to be surprised.

So go ahead, your technology guru. Give it a try. What have you got in mind?

Willie Perkinson is the digital chief reporter at NRA News, one of the original Google News sites.

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Watch this smart video explaining exactly how AI is doing what it does, by the impressively unnamed Erik Sfera:

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