Where Is The Online Library For Growth Through Learning Illinois

Attention Tech Pioneers! If you have ever listened to the likes of billionaire tech investor Marc Andreessen and venture capitalist Scott Kirsner, to continue growing your business opportunities, you will need a deep understanding of new platform technology, and of how these technologies are capable of driving innovation.

Thanksgiving can be a time of giving thanks to your loved ones and others. But there can be another reason to give thanks this holiday. As Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker mentioned in a recent speech, Illinois is in a dire need of new jobs, and the first step towards real economic development is to aggressively grow its workforce.

Nexus Learning, a leading education company, is interested in being a part of that growth and is happy to partner with the State of Illinois to help develop a digital library for growth.

In a recent venture, when the ever-changing Rauner administration took office in 2015, the state announced that it would create 100,000 jobs by 2020 and provide free pre-kindergarten to all families by 2025. The ambitious plan was bold and the overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty – as the administration moved to gut pensions, raise taxes, and weaken the state’s infrastructure, was palpable.

Right away, the battle lines were drawn in the minds of the public: whether to lower taxes to foster economic development or stay with programs that put the state in good fiscal shape, but do little to spur growth.

It is that first step of growing a workforce, and the way to do that is to develop its workforce, and many corporations and education companies see an opportunity to advance their mission by working with the state.

Illinois Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Lindsey Holcombe told the Chicago Tribune, “It’s about the connections. It’s about giving businesses access to policymakers, so they can know that government resources are available to help businesses succeed.”

At the core of education is teaching the basics that will make a person a better worker, and for me the most valuable piece of the puzzle is access to a well-rounded education to prepare for the real world. Learning assets that enable students to become ready for the workforce, and learning capabilities that prepare students for the ACT, the high school and college admissions process, and other academic milestones that must be met every year to move on to their higher education path, it is these qualities that set many behind as they enter their first job. To push these skills to the next level, companies need to be more involved.

There are already some inroads made between schools and companies. For example, local companies have been able to contribute dollars to public education and education facilities under the Illinois Manufacturer’s Credit Program, and not a very big program. One of the early ones that has already been offered is $50,000 to the Early Start Co-Op at the Eleanor Randolph Center in Riverdale, Illinois in 2015.

But ultimately it is schools and companies reaching out to each other about the importance of a strong learning asset program that is the most effective way to move the needle for growth and higher education pathways.

One of the companies leading this movement is Nexus Learning. The company’s most well-known program, called FLYP (Freedom and Knowledge Experience) was developed to fill an unmet need in education. FLYP is already in action in many schools, as shown by its impressive growth. The program was initially launched at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is now used across thousands of classrooms in Illinois and other states.

When you are faced with the need to move from where you are now to one that will make you a better worker in the future, trying out different pathways together is not a bad way to figure out which path will be the most effective for both you and your employer.

Nexus Learning is proud to be working with the State of Illinois as a proven method to boost growth and prepare students for a great future. As a leading educational company, working with the state and helping build the Digital Library For Growth Through Learning Illinois and collaborating with our teachers and students, has resulted in positive and proven outcomes.

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