Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego The Learning Company Play Online

Carmen Sandiego is back! Looking for some fun for the entire family?

Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego The Learning Company Play Online

*Today the Learning Company released Carmen Sandiego for Play in PlayStation, Vita, and Nintendo Switch, and it’s a visually stunning title. This $10.99 download is all playable anytime, anywhere.

The video game taught kids math and English skills during the eighties, and its secrets are still relevant. While it’s no longer in stores, the Learning Company offers versions on Amazon for $20.98.

In the new game, we play as:

Herpetologist Carmen Sandiego, who works at security and uses her facial features to solve crimes in the fictional world of Credit Island.

She has wings!

“When Carmen Sandiego and her expert forensic detective sidekick, Professor Lightyear, travel into a children’s adventure, they bring with them a whole new adventure for the kids to solve. That’s how the main characters learn the secret coding and number system, but it’s Carmen Sandiego herself who really helps kids, with her superpowers, to solve the crime. Her very style of thinking makes her a role model for kids who need to learn to become good detectives,” said Doreen Mai, Senior Director of Digital Products at The Learning Company.

What the game teaches:

Math. With Carmen Sandiego, kids can learn math skills by solving cases. They’ll build strong working relationships with mentors, upgrade to new abilities, and solve complex problems. Many crimes and their clues also include clues to extend math skills beyond solving puzzles to mathematical logic. The cases feature legendary criminals and monsters.

· Friendships. Working together, the players will find true friends in this virtual world. They can enjoy themselves as they solve amazing crimes that change over time. Carmen Sandiego and Professor Lightyear are partners. They are two characters who work together to solve the crime and earn their superpowers.

· Supply patterns. The kids will have to cross out and keep track of the supply patterns and numbers in Carmen Sandiego. Supply patterns include a notebook or chalkboard where players can trace and color crime patterns.

· Hidden intel. With the superpowers, users will also have the power to help Carmen Sandiego solve crimes. She’ll put clues into their hands, put them in the proper lineup to catch the bad guys, and alert the prosecutors. (Crazy!)

What types of actions do you take with a Carmen Sandiego game?

Playing the Carmen Sandiego game is an interactive experience that’s fun, interactive, and exciting. The detectives in Carmen Sandiego have information about both internal and external agents.

So, what’s in Carmen Sandiego?

When you press blue dots on the outside of a box, your name appears. If you tap an item on the inside of the box, it will display the supplier’s name in blue and your name. If you’re going to someone’s house, you’ll need to answer how you get there and what you take with you.

After the all-powerful ice blasts, all doors to the house turn into cubes, and you have to start back at the beginning. You have to build a house in the garage.

To collect clues to place in the car, you scan car doors with the smartphone app.

Connect Carmen Sandiego’s car to other cars as you go through the layout.

The secret code can be communicated in many ways: Car could be a friend’s, or by tapping any one. Draw a picture on the wall of your room, and Carmen Sandiego could be there. (Just draw the wrong picture, and Carmen Sandiego will disappear!)

Besides solving crimes, Carmen Sandiego is also a treasure hunter! Take a hidden treasure and use all of your superpowers. It’s like racking up points on a video game.

How do you build your character?

When you start Carmen Sandiego, you start with yourself, but soon you build your character. When you choose your name, you may choose to choose another name too. Carmen Sandiego has two choices: a normal name and an unusual name. A typical name is, Edna and a unusual name is Carmen Sandiego.

Make fun of the inane way that Carmen Sandiego answers the questions.

Carmen Sandiego is a charming video game, and she’s a delight for kids who want to learn. The game is amazingly colorful and fun to play with your friends.

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