Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego The Learning Company Play Online

Students and teachers can easily access Carmen Sandiego online via their favorite app.

Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego The Learning Company Play Online

Carmen Sandiego is best known for her exclusive research method, Data Manipulation, and her strategy of kidnapping children in order to retire to a warmer, more exotic place. Meanwhile, Carmen Sandiego has made different adventures throughout her 18 years of obtaining data and enraging, straining, and agitating dozens of ancillary and larger companies. Most recently, Carmen Sandiego is involved in several international spats, one where she stole eighty-five million dollars from Google and another with TiVo.

As in many children’s shows and movies, this reporter is here to help with some pointers and synopses for what we believe should be Carmen Sandiego’s most fascinating cases, criminal or otherwise.

Track #1: The Crazy Daddy

This is a happy story that does not need to be complete. Carmen Sandiego is known to have applied a technique known as “Mindmaping” to find the most efficient exit strategy for her kidnappers, and it resulted in a traffic jam: less than half of them even managed to see her getaway car. Therefore, following this method, Carmen Sandiego won’t need to go into any special details about the choice or information that she sought.

Track #2: The Train Grabber

This is a rather complicated case. There are many different forces conspiring together here. First, as previously mentioned, her kidnappers don’t quite know where to go, since they all have so many power tools and plans to search different parts of the station. If the passengers on the train won’t talk, then the conductor can also be turned into a potential threat. Then there is the matter of the outside of the train, which is now under Carmen Sandiego’s control. Considerable time is needed to find the keys to the switch board, but if you can find those keys, it is much easier to grab that train from there. Finally, at this point it is still unknown whether they planned on holding up the train or whether they decided to just wait for Sandiego to board.

Track #3: She’s Also a Fabulous Collector

You’ve probably noticed that Sandiego is also a pretty good collector. You know how some people like to identify themselves on their license plates, and others do not? Sandiego doesn’t. All she cares about is the type of stamp you’re using on your license plate, so please leave her alone about this one. Speaking of license plates, Carmen Sandiego is also a big fan of burgers, so you could probably use this one when she shows up on your street.

Track #4: The Kidnappers’ Final Move

It is the holiday season, so all those thieves must be thinking of redoubling their efforts. Therefore, Carmen Sandiego is determined to find the same way that she does whenever she kidnaps children, and therefore we will see something very very interesting happen to those dastardly villains.

“Patti McAllister for Chief!!!”

Whether they are in France, or some other place in the U.S., or in Pakistan, the captors of Sandiego must have their hearts set on murdering the woman they’ve finally come to know as Sandiego. They will surely break their religious sensibilities and ultimately disobey some law of physics, but if they ever do that, here are some of the things that might happen:

For all of her early games, Carmen Sandiego relied on drivers keeping to the well-marked route, and in the case of this final move, Carmen Sandiego must know which way each road splits and is therefore able to keep to the marked direction. Unfortunately, Sandiego is used to working with a variety of seemingly identical vehicles, but I think it is important that people keep coming up with new ways to murder each other. Even better, though, if one of the assailants in this case lost his keys, you can be sure that Sandiego’s SuperZoom GPS System will find them fast.

Track #5: The Murder and Kidnapping of a Stumble Czar

Revenge! Carmen Sandiego needs to get even with one of the many people who dislike her. This will work out really well, and thanks to her wide variety of tools, she will be able to carry out this scheme more efficiently than ever before. When she is finally at the appointed location, the Stumble Czar can be

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