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CODEPOOL: “Learning English Online” is a ‘well-educated’ version of a highly rated online course by which YOU can learn English.

Our writer Robert Flint is a journalist and Christian whose main interest in Christendom is the politics of the nation and its institutions. When he’s not busy covering the news, Robert enjoys calling grand dames with a swift kick of his wheelchair stick and reciting what he’s learned in Emmanuel’s off-season school and church studies center.

All Spoken English Already?

Many of today’s English teachers are not natives of this planet, but rather people who have spent most of their lives away from their parent’s country. Many of these people not only speak foreign languages but also have the task of teaching. Some speak four languages while others speak two. In the words of a senior lecturer at The University of Glasgow, “It is usually assumed that where one came from really is no business of the teacher nor the pupil.”

Learning English is Hard

Learning to teach English in Western societies is indeed a challenging task. The best teachers would go into an especially tough field; one in which they are paid salaries that would barely cover expenses.

Why read?

English is a very good way to communicate with people all over the world. In addition, the learning of another language such as Arabic or Portuguese can be a useful platform for travelers, and in a manner that most people accept it and do not believe it to be beyond their reach. Another advantage is that learners and teachers come from different world cultures. Everyone learns from everything they can get their hands on.

Learning English for travel

If you are a traveler and your goal is to learn and master English speaking, the beginning step is to find out what knowledge one has needed to get out of the country. Then you begin to practice on a private language note. This is the best way to break the ice with a friend or a stranger who invites you to a road trip. First you are certain of yourself, then you ask for help and you both go through the language note with the use of a pen and paper. Then you are as close as one person can be to a real English speaker, or as close as one can be to a driver.

Especially helpful language notes to have in the car are multiple translators, speakers of a variety of different languages, public transport drivers and computer keyboarding skills. If the car is in a different country than yours, be sure to keep an eye on the signing books and the drivers and passengers. All languages are fluently put to a car window for pictures and handwriting.

To go further, a language note is an excellent method of learning just about any language. It will not only teach you the nuances of the language, it will also help you manage the language if you have difficulty picking it up.

Recommended exercises

It’s always a good idea to practice on a medium that is familiar to you: that being, as they say, the plane you are on. Music will do; the more the better. You will go over the notes word for word and then rhythmically let go of them one by one. This method takes seconds to complete and is infinitely more enjoyable.

Another use of a language note is when you are traveling through a area like Serbia or Bulgaria. You will practice different directions, but don’t overdo it, because the language will be changed slightly every couple of steps. Think of this exercise as a mini-skills course.

How You Can Find More Articles like This

We have an online platform that we use for learning English and the rest of the world. I guarantee that you will find a lot of news articles about the language.

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