Where Do I Go To Get My License On An Online Course For Learning

New video technology by Lamborghini now allows drivers license applicants to take a safe driving course online.

If you haven’t been following me here on Buzzfeed, you need to be. There’s quite a bit of fallout out there about the new federal law in colleges you have to take to become a full-fledged, honors college student. Currently, you have to take some kind of online course in order to become an admitted student, even if you have good grades and other credentials. Now, some people are finding the “online classes” are really nothing more than useless courses, and they’re calling the program a waste of time and money.

It’s getting an especially bad press out there. I definitely see it both ways. Students who have skills don’t need online courses to get credit, and students who don’t need online courses to get credit are muddying the waters. I’m not sure why colleges and universities would dump on one another. But I’ve also realized that to combat anyone who thinks college should only be useful to students who can drop out and/or earn money, I’m going to take the added risk of offering online courses to anyone who needs a degree.

I got in over my head. Instead of taking the $5k out of my wallet to attend college and get the education I thought I deserved, I’ve decided to go through the coursework and turn myself into a college student.

“How am I supposed to know if the company will keep prices low if they don’t advertise well enough to earn meaningful revenue for me?” I said in the Indiegogo pitch. “I’m not afraid to learn new skills and to realize that I can’t take a class online to apply to Georgetown without help. My education needs to involve more than just work, so I went to a new company and paid over $4k to learn to build database software from scratch, take a course in data science at Columbia University, and double my GPA so I could get a full ride at Yale.”


More than 60% of the time I’m on the internet, it’s still showing me some of the finest advertisements I’ve ever seen, and I’m not sorry. I mean, literally the best advertisements that have ever existed.

Now I am getting ridiculous emails, begging me to sponsor them. “Hey Louis!” they start, like kids who think they can grab the attention of any woman by pointing out the sad situation they’re in with all the strippers they loathe and all the drugs they love. “We’re a charity, and we’re raising money for and towards rebuilding the department. Isn’t it for you? Just send us $25,000 and every subsequent donation will cost $10,000.”

You should look into The Angel’s House, and tell your family to send you your first check, because funding is still needed.

The game changer came when I met the man behind the podcast Tin Toe. If you haven’t heard it, it’s a great podcast. He’s the maker of the Polly and Jenna Rye clothing lines. Apparently, he’s also the owner of the Musical Theatre Company, or TMC, which created such songs as “Sam the Gingerbread Man,” “Rude! A Lot More Rude Than You (Really, Just You),” and “Daddy Gives His Last Pancake (Do They Still Have Pancakes In October?).”

Now, they’re sponsoring about half of my online courses. I’ve only started with my first college course, but if they’re really backing me, then they’ll have something good going on there, and they’ll surely be working to get me hooked for their latest projects, too.

I’m still going to make as much money as I can. Right now, my next credit card payment to the TMC is $800, plus an $8 contact fee, so the money I’m going to make will be a huge part of what I need to cover the cost of those classes.

If you want to donate to my fundraiser in the hopes of helping me get my books and prep my courses, please do.

It’s all well and good if people will treat you like you’re part of their community. But how are you going to figure out whether they do that if they don’t know you exist and you’re constantly spending their money.

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