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“Learning to be social-media equipped is something children should do at all their age.

How many times have you walked into a classroom or library to conduct homework assignments and barely got out alive? Thankfully, online platforms have altered the way students study for exams. The internet makes it easier than ever to plan a course or write an essay with no problems along the way. Since the majority of studying occurs online, it’s important to keep up with different and useful online assessments. But where should I find them?

The Concern Of Evaluating A Course Online

If you’re a high school or college student, you will probably already be accustomed to taking exams or writing assignments online. Schools often require that students complete assignments at least once to obtain a high school diploma, but most high school classes and colleges have a computer lab at the beginning of each semester. This means that you are likely familiar with a computer, and can even teach yourself how to use a computer and do your own work while taking a class or taking a test. Even without a computer, your assignments or tests may be easier to do through an online format.

Classes And Lectures Online

Sometimes, when you need to learn or take an exam, you are lucky enough to get one of those dreaded midterms or finals. Students used to learn and take tests by sitting in a classroom with other students. Often times, the teachers are either too busy teaching the class or giving a lecture, so some students have no choice but to sit with their classmates and take exams together. Other times, students don’t have the opportunity to sit together during their subjects, like English or Biology, and they have to take tests all by themselves. This can be a painful experience to do alone in class and on your own. Online education allows students to take tests or assignments, take quizzes or study groups, and do everything by themselves. This often means that students are able to do a good portion of their work without being exposed to class clowns, goof offs, and distraction. If you have the time, you can take online courses or classes through professional tutors or educators who are experts in your course.

What Does Online Assessment Look Like?

There are many online assessments available today, but to get a better idea of how the different types of test taking work, we examined a few online assessments that students can take and ask questions about.

TextPlus® Quiz is an easy way to test your memory and vocabulary. Using a basic grammar or language checker that’s developed by the same creators of Quizlet, this text prompt works similarly to the questions on Google Search, which may find the right word for what you’re searching for. Questions include:

“Describe this person’s haircut.”

TextPlus Quiz does you work as if you were conducting a school test and works on the same premise as an actual Test Prep or SAT Test. Additionally, TextPlus Quiz covers the most common subjects, doesn’t require you to memorize definitions, and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

AutoMath ™ takes everything that you’ve done on other test platforms, adds electronic testing, and provides a well-designed program to take online tests. You never need to collect answers from classmates, and the algorithms use a variety of sources that make autoMath a fair, accurate, and reliable test that will figure out how much knowledge you have. You can take more than 20 different exams at a time, and the software saves both your marking system and homework as well as specific questions for future reference.

Adobe® Survey is an alternative to the two above. You can use it to test yourself as a whole class of students, and as a single individual in a class or as a student in a college class. The software has four formative ways to test your knowledge: answer questions, learn from others responses, look back at answers from the class, and look back on your own answers. The features you need to accomplish these tasks are as much fun as they are useful.

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