Where Can I Find The Answer Key To Service Skills Online Learning

Prepare for a career in the trades with the help of service skills test.

Where Can I Find The Answer Key To Service Skills Online Learning

By Joshua Zeman and Paul Clements for The Daily Muse

One thing most business owners definitely want: employees who feel empowered and passionate about their work. In other words, they want to hire smart, resourceful employees who care about the job and make the company a better place to work. Finding these workers and training them takes time and money, but it’s definitely worth it.

Enter service skills learning. Learning new skills can make your team more effective in their job and improve communication between staff members. And there are a ton of resources out there to help you prepare to do just that.

But just how do you determine what skill gaps you need to address, what courses to pursue, and how to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth? Learning about the basics of learning is a great way to dive in.

1. If You’re a New Staff Member, Consider Taking a Course

What’s one way to keep training employees who’ve just joined your company? By giving them an opportunity to learn from the people who’ve been there for years. Whether you offer classes or, better yet, hire someone else to teach online, this is a great way to help your newest workers get up to speed and make the best contributions possible.

2. You May Want to Put Away Your Books and Learn a New Skill Yourself

You can’t teach people things if you don’t let them take the first step in the learning process. So rather than assume that learning something new will be a pain, download a class and stop reading right now—you’re already ahead of the game.

3. Take an Online Course for Your Non-Professional Life

You’ve probably received plenty of information about the latest classes online—and hopefully you’ve made a mental note to do a little further research. Why? Because researching what’s out there can really help determine the type of course that’s most suited to you. Here are two quick examples to help you in your search:

Schools that focus on fashion and design: Try the Fashion and Design Online Course. You’ll learn more about fashion design, branding, copyright, and customer relations while building your brand.

College of Retail management: Design a management course for your own career and university career. You’ll be learning about global sales, operations, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, finance, finance, and more.

4. You Might Already Have Something in Common With Your Class

There’s something to be said for tapping into your passions and finding common ground. Did your passion lead you to join the company you work for? Perhaps it was a part-time gig you did in high school to save money or a longer-term gig in college. So what are some ways to leverage your passion and make it part of your learning experience?

Perhaps something new, from the design to the accounting to the other things you normally like to do, can help improve your skills and lead to bigger things. And remember, there are often more small-time ideas tucked away in your brain than you may realize.

5. Check Out Industry-Specific Courses

It can be easy to forget that the content offered on online courses isn’t the only information you need. Sure, there’s the technical skills you need to learn (primarily how to use them) and of course the etiquette to bring to the table—but you’ll probably find plenty of new connections to your career throughout the process as well. Below are a few examples from the marketing, web development, and sales industries, but many more to come.

Breaking it all down

There are lots of ways you can benefit from taking your new employee training from a company standpoint. Still, finding the right course to suit your personal goals can be a challenge. If you’re looking for the right online course for your future plans, check out our Find the Answer tool, which searches top university institutions by subject matter and company size.

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