Where Can I Find Information About Internet Courses And Online Learning? Wpcc

I’m struggling to figure out how to go into online courses. I want to do this, but I don’t want to do it alone.

Hello There, My Name Is Maryanne. I’m a working journalist and mother of two elementary school aged children. While, I also wanted to take a special program that I would enjoy and where I could receive the most information.

Quite simply, there aren’t many options for information for online learning.

Many schools offer online courses for their regular curriculum. But because of the stigma associated with it, there are generally very few parents who are enrolled in their programs. A quick search online (also known as a “slow search” – I know, right?) in search of a school that offers online courses turned up a few hundred schools, but my search also returned thousands of results. As a result, I quickly found that there is a huge disconnect in the information that web sites tend to show you.

Still, there are some schools who offer “on-line” classes of at least two credit hours to all families as well as half- and full-day sessions – again, an absolute huge disconnect.

Even some websites that seem like they offer an entire page of online courses still fill out a search wheel under “online courses” and then return pages of education website page after page of information for families to “discover”.

One website that does make it into the search engine is a site called “Education Today” – there are two reasons to check this out:

1. They have a not-so-easy parent signup process and they provide an MPS guidance counselor’s contact information if you find it hard to sign up through the website.

2. Because they have a direct connection to a school, they show the online course descriptions for online school.

What’s the most useful information that I’ve found on the web sites about online learning?

1. For a two year, open-enrollment program (going back to middle and high school), many websites offer “downloadable registration.”

2. There are often “netcents” that you can redeem for book vouchers or book deals for good books for your child that they can read and read them in class!

3. Not every school you search on is in the system, and the information you see on web sites varies based on your school and your school district.

With respect to a full day online course, usually I find that this is a first option that’s not at all familiar to parents. At the least, there isn’t a parent signup process because there are so few families that the school might want to have enrolled. What a fantastic idea.

Most web sites only display one or two parent signup pages – or what I call “filler” pages that will likely yield a few classes, but don’t say much about the web site or web course that you have enrolled.

One of the websites that have one unique page for parents to check out is “Education Today”. This site connects its website directly to the school system that is being listed and searches for the earliest available registration date with a strict “have a child going to that school?”

(Unlike most web sites which list the web course along with its establishment and drop-dead date, Education Today has a new web site on every possible school.”)

What’s your web search technique?

I’ve talked to a lot of parents who have made it easier for themselves by creating a Google Alert at the end of the month that sends emails to a keyword, rather than every site that I’m searching for information on. If you’re trying to learn about online learning, it’s not the best idea to rely on the search engine to be your information provider.

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