Where Can I Download Learning Songs For Kids Online For Free

Even if you are not a music fan, chances are you have heard of Public Enemy’s classic album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Now, I have to admit: I’m a HUGE fan.

Where Can I Download Learning Songs For Kids Online For Free

“We’ve created hundreds of learning songs as a gift to the world,” the video for the song says. “In the years ahead, your kid will thank you…and this song becomes their biggest tool ever.”

YouTube is an unquestionable win for parents, but that’s not good enough for everybody. The platform now charges every single time your kid visits it. There are thousands of hours of learning music available online at no cost, but few of them are ad-free, and they’re usually a feed of teenage lip-syncing. So, what do you do with that child who wants to study at a hundred percent peak in one week? With help from American Institute of Classical Music, we created a list of free, ad-free, quality online learning music.

Kids love learning on their phones—that’s why preschools are all about it. The Child Learning (LD) app for iOS and Android lets kids memorize a few of the world’s most popular classical melodies using an engaging, age-appropriate interface. The free subscription—available in both subscription and game modes—features dozens of learning tracks that teach everything from learn to read to the Bach Bach Bach pattern. The subscription will give you access to hundreds of pieces in the first year, so if you do get a booster plan, get it ready early. The more you play, the more you’ll learn to memorize. The app is ad-free but you’re going to get the occasional popup asking you to buy educational guides, and while the guides are free and the songs are free, a paid subscription unlocks bonus material on topics like Cubism and the art of music.

This music science game from Mighty Hunt lets your child run through a science lab that progressively throws more and more assignments at them. In addition to working their brains to the max, a few minute trial runs help them cultivate a proficiency in literacy, problem solving, and phonics. The tunes are wonderful, and the gameplay is fairly engaging, but the games have been stripped of any addictive or challenging elements in order to bring the learning aspects to life. It would be useful to include some educational-themed challenges here as well, but the rest of the game is just fine for a quick go for the preschool set.

There’s no music genre that’s kids’ playground when it comes to learning words. Not everything needs to be a zig-zag as fast as possible, but many need to be actively drilled. Birdhouse Sounds ($12 per month; $59 per year; ocmcore.com) helps that process along with a simple app designed with an eye on preschoolers in mind. It’s all about music and pictures, playing songs based on a word or sight, and letting kids practice every letter of the alphabet via a game or logic game. With the benefits of a smartphone app plus visuals, there’s no reason to take long breaks to watch YouTube or have homework. It’s a steal to pick up for just $15 a month.

If you’re looking for a hyperactive, fast-paced option, QuizMonkey Sesame Street ($20 per month; $100 per year; qny.com) is for you. This most-recent launch offers their music, artwork, and quizzes free to anyone who has a Prime subscription. It’s a pretty standard package, but the majority of the game’s songs are kid-friendly tunes with catchy instrument-led rhythms, giving kids—and adults, for that matter—a whirlwind of music for teaching math and hearing the ABCs. It’s pretty elementary stuff, but it’s a super fast way to get an in-depth analysis of some simple facts. You can even upload your own to use as bonus soundtracks.

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on November 9, 2018, and updated on August 8, 2019.

This story appears in the November 2018 issue of New York Family Magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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