Where Can I Download Learning Songs For Kids Online For Free

Learn new things! Why not have it for free?

Where Can I Download Learning Songs For Kids Online For Free

I’m still somewhat in shock from today’s news that learning songs for kids will be (for now) unavailable from iTunes.

In case you aren’t in the know, Knowledge is Power (KIPP) is a national education nonprofit aimed at breaking down the divide between the academic and non-academic experiences students currently face in public schools. Its mission is driven by the belief that students who have fun at school are better prepared for college and the workforce, which is why it’s the perfect online partner for Parents, Kids, and YPS.

As of this morning, the millions of students who depend on iTunes to access their learning songs, though, had been cut off from their incredible teachers’ creative works. Without the help of the online music provider, nearly all your teaching resources and creative lesson plans (even those curated by a top teaching expert) disappeared just as the semester started.

Aside from the loss of the educational mobile app from iTunes, KIPP released a statement saying they have been in talks with Apple about bringing its learning tools back.

“If the offer that was previously on the table to support the employees and students of KIPP and Hearin is good for all of KIPP and Hearin, we will fully implement it. I wish we could have done this earlier. We need to do this now. This is the right thing to do,” said KIPP President and CEO Jeanette Walker.

I imagine iTunes may have been a difficult conversation for Hearin to have with Walker, and the brief statement doesn’t give a full sense of how the company went from requesting all sales be linked to students’ own wallets, to believing they have to tell students, teachers, and families they can’t be able to access their songs. Which seems like a lot of Amazon AMEX charges and fulfillment costs involved to me. I guess it’s even more serious in the nonprofit world where contributions to the community are significant.

But I can understand why today’s announcement from Hearin may have come as a rude awakening to Apple.

“As a free music download service, our primary purpose is to drive traffic and revenue through our platform, which is a good thing for both listeners and artists,” said Hearin President Bill Grogan. “We have over 180 million monthly active users listening to Spotify and Apple Music each month. When we saw that iTunes (the only format for music purchased on the iTunes Store) was being left behind in a world of increasingly popular free streaming, we felt that it was time to try and pull it back into line with the digital music space.”

There’s still more information we’d like to know, like how the management fees from iTunes contributed to a multi-million dollar net loss for Hearin in 2018 (though Grogan said they expect to return to a profit next year), why an artist’s ability to earn revenue from their work is being jeopardized, how they came to an agreement with Apple, and the terms of the deal for students.

It’s easy to look at this as more of an issue of who’s in charge and how it affects both major tech companies and artists. But considering it’s probably the first time Spotify users started asking themselves why they paid so much for a song when Pandora was the one that gave them a choice, I think they may agree with The Quiet Knife crowd.

“Just change it to something else where we can still have our different things, but have that song that we loved,” The Quiet Knife member Ariel Caldera told Mashable. “If we really care, we’ll find another way to do it.”

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