Where Can I Buy Telugu Learning Books Online

As India’s Telugu language population grows, so too does demand for curriculum materials. Browsing for grade-specific texts, this guide identifies several Telugu reading to school books and online educators.

Dear Readers,

The joy of learning another language (language) has always been one of my favorite aspects of learning foreign languages, and without exaggeration, I love the process of it all. Nowadays, the best way to learn a new language is probably online, because I’m always connected to the best technology. Online learning books from any new country are always on sale online, and I’ve discovered that Telugu schools have an incredible range of instructional material for your journey into becoming a fluent Telugu speaker.

Here’s a section of sites that I find recommended to friends and family. It’s an essential part of any Telugu language learner’s path. Thanks!

The first and probably the most mentioned site is many girls + or Ramayana / Ramji, p.s. mark my words, anybody here know what you need to look for in general terms? This is because my friend Faraj focused the entirety of his study in the Ramayana , but it also means a lot of Telugu based information is available at many, many sites, and so Faraj doesn’t need any longer to come to the perfect site for the readers in general!

** CLICK HERE for Telugu interactive online books! **

My other two favorites of this online learning community are the Webzen (home of the online Ramayana ) and The Complete Ramayana course by M.G. Ramaswamy. Again, I asked my friend Faraj if he had found any of this information at any other sites, and his answer was that some students of the Ramayana have to try many kinds of sites to get what they want and as a result, they didn’t have any online books. We found that, too. So there are sites at this level of funding, of course.

You have to know that the biggest downfall of many of these sites, be it being free or otherwise, is that a student needs to choose from a very long list of materials to choose from, and then pay for them all so that they don’t have to worry about something. But at this level of funding, you get the list of material included in the college, the perfect site.

So I’m here to help you out, and if I can help you out and get rid of the problems that we’ve had here, then you can see that the problem is not that the material isn’t there, because it is, but there are no online bookstores for it to be available, it just isn’t available at the moment. So that’s the first problem we’ve had.

Our second problem we’ve had is that, even though each of these e-learning sites has an international manager, it seems that our business went over the budget of the best one. They would have contacted us to ask us for more money, but we never asked for more money, so I feel I can share our concerns that a lot of the online sites that are finding their way to us need support to keep their teething troubles at bay, so that students can continue to benefit. I’m taking that into consideration right now.

Our third problem that we have has been from our nation at large – the lack of good customer service, at this stage. I think our first two problems have been fixed, but at this stage we have yet to find a very good customer service provider and with some of these sites being relatively new, I feel that if we have the best material, we need to have people to handle their operational problems.

So we recommend that you look for information online, and that you go directly to schools instead of buying books and having your worries with whether you have the right materials and school books, it should be a hassle-free experience. But how else can you gain this knowledge? You can actually read the resource books as it’s available, and you can read course materials to know whether it’s good or not! That’s it!

So my biggest fear is that I may have to go back to books because it could come down to new problems, and so it may not be the easiest thing for those of you who are just diving into online learning books for the first time. Be sure to spread the word for us for another site that can help!

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