When Was Breaking Ground: Keys For Successful Online Learning Published

As the world increasingly relies on technology to become more connected, universities and think tanks are revamping how they deliver higher education to students and experts alike.

When Was Breaking Ground: Keys For Successful Online Learning Published November 6, 2018 by Christine Hollen

It’s no secret that it’s becoming more and more common for students to encounter difficult times in their lives and to have to face tough decisions for the future. Whether it be financial, personal, or professional, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t provide a solution for all students. Rather, each student comes with his or her own unique challenges and they must be addressed by each individual student.

In fact, according to the Cooperative Institutional Research Program, “The University’s current student body is about 24 percent white, 34 percent Hispanic, 29 percent Asian, and 17 percent Black, 2 percent Asian American and 2 percent other.” In other words, a student’s race and ethnicity have a tremendous impact on his or her ability to navigate an online learning environment. What this means for you as a leader is that you cannot expect your students to seamlessly transition into an online learning environment if they don’t feel comfortable or if their self-image isn’t a positive one. While online learning can be a great opportunity for students who simply need a place to study in the comfort of their own homes, it’s important that it’s not simply a one-way route to an online education. Students need to feel valued and confident in the community and community-based programs such as Key for Success offer educational solutions in which they can become part of an educational community while also earning a personal development credential.

When was Breaking Ground Published?

On November 6, 2019, L3L: Keys For Successful Online Learning will officially be available. In order to ensure a positive experience, you must make an upfront investment in your students to ensure their success. Instead of “plugging” your students into an online learning environment, it’s important to provide the tools and support necessary for students to find and use the tools that best fit their needs. To maximize the potential of an online learning experience, student success needs to be top of mind and recognized as a key to enrollment success.

With that said, here are four steps that every leader can take to ensure a positive online learning experience for their students.

1. Identify What Your Students Need

It’s important to identify what problem your students face, the next challenge they’ll face, or what you need to do to make a bigger impact. To that end, you need to have a clear vision of what they can achieve. Have them work through identifying problem areas of interest and come up with different ways to help make a larger impact with individualized and tailored approaches.

2. Provide The Tools To Step Up

As stated earlier, decision making is an integral part of online learning, and in some cases, it takes more than just finding the right level of support. It takes creativity. Just like the teacher puts together the best solutions for different scenarios, you must be able to explore all of the options before using the most effective approach. You have to have a thoughtful process. You will want to seek help when needed and not get “trapped” in the beginning of an online learning experience and forget everything you were initially working towards. You will need to take “time out” from time to time to check in with your students so that they’re not blindsided by any form of internal conflict or interference. For example, if someone asks you a question that is genuinely distracting for them, try to provide alternative solutions that get them to what they’re looking for without causing undue disruption or interruptions.

3. Get Back to Work

It’s essential that you remember that students are not the enemy. In many cases, they’ve gone through the rigors of online learning and are looking to get back to their task at hand with urgency and energy. While they may have loved the educational context, you still need to make sure that there’s enough time to see them grow or develop in each task they tackle. In time, you will be able to provide them with training on how to provide the most success for their specific needs and concerns. Remember, a learning environment where they need to look you in the eye to ask for a review of a section of work they just finished will not be a healthy learning environment.

4. Take a Healthy Perspective

It’s crucial to adopt a healthy perspective on the training you give your students. Look at what you can do to help them learn at their own pace, and ask yourself if you will be doing enough for them to succeed. Expect everyone to make mistakes or be unsure, but don’t allow their mistakes to affect your ability to meet their needs. Think of online learning as a �

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