When Learning A Skill Look Up An Account Of The Month By Month Progress Of Someone Learning Online

Don’t quit before you learn to. Here’s a work-around for quitting up until you’ve reached 50 percent of your goals.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned enough what I’m going to need to know before you dive in. So we sit down. We read. We reach for our phones, right? But do we pause to consider who is actually getting to practice what we are learning? Do we look it up? Do we think? What? What are we really?

In a recent study we did, we learned that 45 percent of people drop out of an online class after 6 weeks. That translates to 3 million people who will need to change the goal of their courses to at least 6 months for them to continue. This is huge. So how do you keep going?

Here is a handy little trick that could help you. I’m recommending it to my friends.

1. Find someone who is helping you.

There is no reason to give up. See our countrified math teacher (or those who teach statistics in New York) when you are failing. Ask for help.

2. Dig deep to find a method.

Google is filled with “How to learn a skill online” articles, so we know there is something out there. You can use any method.

Maybe you are trying video-based learning. Maybe you are going on Skype or Facetime with a video-chat. You can do that and you can, when needed, visit the online course at your leisure. You can go on an online course. You don’t need to commit to it for over 12 weeks. And there are plenty to choose from, in all different departments. I cannot tell you how many of my friends already own a computer. They already use a mouse. Can they learn to use a camera?

3. Just because you are learning on the web, doesn’t mean you need to learn online.

See how my accountant used to come in, and I told him what I was doing and he started asking me questions. That’s the thing about live experiences. They can bring out the student in us. Of course, the classroom setting takes the mystery out of studying, and some require you to sit while you watch, but the minute you step into a real, actual classroom (there are plenty), you have to learn. This is a term online curriculums aren’t always keen on using, like the magical “meetings” of the course… but really it is impossible to not hear from the people in the class. How can you understand if you aren’t hearing them?

4. Find a mentor.

Call up the people who have already done it. Find out how long it took them.

Even if you aren’t an advanced learner, you might want to find someone who is. You might want to try to be that ally who can show you the ways of the world and introduce you to lots of other people.

5. Go to graduations.

It doesn’t have to be the big-time online ones. It doesn’t have to be half of your company graduation. Nothing makes a new learner feel less like a newbie than being in a room full of people who have learned the same skills or abilities. Those lessons you glean from graduations and stuff taught to you during the live application processes can be priceless. At the very least, if you want to go back, you need to look it up.

6. Consider a flex class.

This is my son’s new grade school home-school class. Instead of a full-day of work, they set up a half-day. They track how much time he spends at home, how much time he has for the fun stuff that the internet (as well as a phone) can’t help with. They still track the time they work together, and they still pay attention to him when he tries to help with something. He’s a “hero,” just like the little kids used to be.

So if the option is to miss out on a big group and go in person or sign up for a home-schooling option, just go for it. That little flex class will only benefit you because you will be hooked on that live, verbal interaction. And you will be using it to find something great to take with you.

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