When Learners Participate In An Online Learning Course At Different Times

Not all learning experiences are created equal.

As I started my career as a coordinator and manager in the arena of education, I encountered a very interesting, personal reality that can be a bit challenging for me to juggle.

Because I was new to the industry and had started my career the year before, I quickly discovered that I was in demand. I worked around people all day, night, and on weekends.

It was then that I realized that this had left me feeling like I needed to follow patterns in order to be successful. That defined by the way I did things.

The first thing I did was research the best travel plans, cars, and lodging I could acquire to continue working through the back half of the year. Then I started implementing a calendar online. This allowed me to think ahead for several weeks and log important dates into my calendar. This allowed me to plan ahead. This allows me to compete with others in a healthy, productive, and overall pleasant manner.

While researching travel and scheduling opportunities to work, I recognized that due to the specific way I organized my schedule and hired opportunities, I became a person who needed to participate in, at times, different education classes across the globe. Some were morning classes that I attended all day. Some afternoon classes I attended during my commute and walked from my house to work. Some classes I attended a few days a week. And sometimes I attended courses the next week and we met during the days I could not attend classes.

That lesson prompted me to think of an educational course I took a couple of years ago where I learned the strategy behind event management. My manager at the time thought it would be great for me to learn about how to organize events for the to-be buyers from other countries and within my state.

So I took that course and had it course delivered to me via the Internet. I downloaded it to my tablet and I typed in my phone number and it downloaded to my iPhone so I could carry the book with me when I traveled.

I would turn on my iPad while driving my family home from the grocery store to check on the tour, read the chapters, and learn through each discussion that I could gather enough information to run the tour. I would log back into the application and sync it to my Android phone and it would travel along with me on my commute home.

As I met with those interesting people from around the world and learned about my state and cities that I do not live in, I felt the desire to inform people as to the public education district we serve as well as the events that we do and why the events are important to people who want to engage the public and businesses.

Just like with my travel, my book was the perfect tool to teach and travel back and forth between the Eastern and Western coast lines and the Caribbean basin for our events. My book is truly a tool that helps to teach, facilitate, and grow. It helps me as a teacher and my students to travel and explore new things. It helps to grow the community so that we can grow together.

At The Education Academy we have been focused on each individual learning curriculum because that is our mission. This particular eBooks has allowed me to employ my own marketing plan to give my book instant recall and to create customer loyalty and mentorship.

Just as all of this has helped me to promote our courses and to expand and grow with the capacity to host additional opportunities for our site, our site is also becoming a wonderful tool for our students to take at home. As the student connects to the online experience, the opportunity to see our events at your own pace becomes apparent.

During this week I am testing out one of our latest Learning Passport applications. In this application you have the ability to check out various courses for your immediate convenience.

We have several courses that can be taken by desktop, mobile, tablet, and a few downloadable PDF. These courses are ideal for all ages, as the courses are not overly complicated and you can learn and take courses of interest to any interest level.

Each time you “create a personal college credit experience” you receive a certificate. By taking courses at your own pace the actual progress of learning and comprehension increases dramatically. We believe the learning progresses much faster if you can take courses at a clip that makes you excited to keep up.

As we continue to add course offerings, this “Knowledge Sharing App” gives us the opportunity to help guide our students in learning and growth by creating a personal, real-time knowledge bank.

In future posts we will touch on some of the really cool features within the app and how they should be used in providing a better path to effective learning for new and existing learners.

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