When Is Online Machine Learning Used And Its Exampls

A tricky science can cause unnecessary anxiety, regardless of whether you’re in an open design studio or deciphering an algorithm.

One would think there would be some sort of technical or ethical impediment to this kind of development, but it seems that’s not true. As the word “machine learning” is still being used with misleading and inaccurate wording by some in the news media, we’d like to take a moment to discuss one of the main benefits of machine learning:


Think of the data on which consumer decision making is built in the world of commerce. By our own (outdated) estimates, just one percent of the world’s information and retail transactions are done online. It’s time to bridge the gap between online and offline. We need data, right?

Automated IT

Internet companies have collected data to machine learning systems for quite some time, primarily in order to prevent the cost of human error with sensitive data. Automatic systems are particularly effective at analyzing context clues in the human world, which helps insurance companies or PayPal to make sure the information they enter into their systems is as secure as possible. They’re also very good at delivering services that sync seamlessly with a huge array of services, such as displaying ads for the perfect gas station with prompt prices and first dibs on the product.

The average American spends over 9 hours a day on the internet, but that is only part of the story. Imagine spending 7 hours a day scrolling through the news cycle or ignoring email altogether in order to listen to Spotify and Instagram videos of everything everywhere else you go. There’s a lot to keep track of. Automated systems make it easier to become aware of these unexpected opportunities, which are all too often missed or overlooked by humans.

Human data collection was commonplace in the good old days, where we shared information around every social and business site we could get a hold of. Now that these same networks are the basis for people’s business transactions and information, we’re witnessing a renaissance in many fields, especially when it comes to personal and healthcare. You’ve probably seen your doctor/physician/nurse use the Internet on a daily basis to place and ask for new orders. The key difference is the algorithms and machine learning that goes behind the scenes.

Personalized medicine

That’s right. We’re talking about personalized medicine, and it’s all happening right here in the United States. Once, when a patient was diagnosed with a disease, he or she would receive a patient report card with symptoms, symptoms along with recommendations and a series of prescriptions based on that information. That included everything from antibiotics and medications to regular exercise.

What happens now?

It’s no longer unusual to see “patient report cards” on the virtual shelves of your local Walgreens pharmacy, but it’s not all that far off from developing the same personalized medicine system.

This is great news, because although we might not be able to close the gap between physical world medicine and the digital one, we are becoming increasingly aware of new online and online-like medication recommendations and help. Retail pharmacies are now available to consumers without a prescription or an advance order form, so users can set up notifications to inform them of when their prescription arrives. Walmart is another medical powerhouse in the healthcare realm, being the first corporation in the U.S. to set up its own online pharmacy with the expectation that it would eventually transition from a pharmacy store into a retail store.

Personally, I’ve seen the state of customized medicine put to good use with herniated discs, but if you want to know more, we’ve got a lot of treatments and treatment options that can be found online. You can learn about the latest and greatest treatments and procedures in real time and be informed of the latest expert recommendations from reputable vendors on offer. In time, all medical decisions should be able to be made with cutting-edge technology that you control with a click of a button.

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