When Do Classes Start For Oregon State Online Learning Winter 2018

Here’s when you can start in the 2019/2020 Online Winter Program.


During any given week, there are probably a dozen college-aged students who are in complete, utterly separate worlds. Sometimes, they’re in different classrooms, studying for finals and trying to navigate the various online programs that are available to them. Now, they can easily have their academics blended seamlessly with other distractions, as faculty members at Oregon State University, Beavers Online, and Oregon Student Online are ready to begin the next school year with new academic pathways for their students.

Spring 2017 and Fall 2018 were particularly busy years for the online learning space, with change galore. After the Student Government last spring voted to rescind the online program’s accreditation, the University of North Carolina Consortium for Online Learning was dissolved, meaning that all of the other online programs accredited by their consortium were placed on hold. A number of programs on campuses across the country, including Reed College, are working with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges to assure that they maintain their accreditation. This year, the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Illinois were placed on hold for more than one semester.

The traditional online programs became more integrated into classroom operations as well, as colleges like Claremont McKenna College, California Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania offered courses via online collaboration labs and, in some cases, the faculty and students met in real time in interactive virtual classrooms. Other online platforms included Coursera, Udacity, and Sidewalk Labs, which partnered with USU online offerings to create the course at the Flagship, Power 5 in Biotechnology Complex. The University of Washington offers an entire freshman course called UC Online-A student’s story, where students act as editors and curators of a “magazine” of online courses taught at UW.

Currently, the Department of Computer Science is scheduled to update and launch its Residential Online Master’s degree program as well as its distance learning platform. These programs will enable undergraduates, professional students, and professionals to participate in interactive courses taught online. Undergraduate students will attend full time and can attend up to three classes online.

As fall begins, students can already enroll in fall semesters on Oregon State Online’s course schedules, which currently range from more than 100 courses to more than 50 courses each. Additionally, for fall 2018, OSU Online provides individualized services for veteran students and those who are recovering from mental illness through the Oregon Veteran Transition Assistance Program (VOTAP). This includes a seamless online veteran degree program that accepts an unlimited number of veterans.

Students can also apply for freshman-level courses online, and professors can make adjustments to existing online courses to accommodate the limited time needed to finish.

On Oct. 1, Gov. Kate Brown celebrated Oregon’s push towards the smart nation designation, a feat she credits to the five colleges, including Oregon State, joining the NetGov community. The Governor said, “Through Oregon State University, we’ve got a real expert.” She continued by stating, “We want to be a smart nation. We’re going to get there together. I’m delighted to be the first one in the Midwest to say, ‘The minute we get to be a smart nation, we’re going to take charge of our own success.’”

During her time in office, Gov. Brown also made changes to improve and integrate several online degree programs throughout the state. The Governor is “investing in our classrooms at the community college level and better preparing our graduates for the career market,” she said. “The next step is to provide students with up-to-date information on every campus to help them make informed decisions about what courses to take.”

Gov. Brown will also unveil the first statewide $200 million education bond that will boost the Oregon higher education system, including funding for higher education buildings and programs. The bonds will also benefit Oregon college students by providing tools to find scholarships and direct enrollment information.

Before a student even steps foot on campus, the Free Distance Learning and Distance Learning and Continuing Education Department can help streamline the process of preparing for the world of online learning. The free, centralized site includes information on designing online courses, finding good faculty, and connecting with grad students to find graduate opportunities. The site also offers career articles and resources on the organization.com website, providing further tools and resources to ensure an effective education and prosperous future.

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