When Did Online Language Learning Technology Start

In 2002, Phillip Resnick was working as a consultant in Texas. Even though he’d taken lots of language classes, he realized it wasn’t quite for him.

When Did Online Language Learning Technology Start

How long have you been attending online college? If you’re like most people reading this, there’s a good chance you were at the very least through your first semesters. In reality, many of us have been through all four years of college, just for the sake of saving some cash. Which brings us to the topic of online learning. For all that things are seemingly getting better all the time when it comes to accessibility, online learning, so often used as a buzzword, is actually a relatively new concept.

Regardless of what it is people mean when they talk about online learning, there’s no denying the fact that it has now played a role in the lives of many college students across the country. That said, nobody can deny its true potential. One need look no further than the historically black colleges and universities, much of which offer online degrees and programs. And as businesses increasingly view online learning as a way to expand their reach, it also won’t be long before the likes of Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn that started out online themselves look to expand their reach with courses and training.

The early movement towards online learning dates back to 2000 and the online machine began to take off with the introduction of Amazon’s marketplace. Amazon used their world-class e-commerce service to deliver goods faster than ever before and at significantly lower prices. With that being said, online learning began to really take off, particularly for people that were struggling to master skills with no way to take classes or provide proof of their own relevance. So what exactly has made online learning such a success?

The huge infrastructure has had a significant influence on online learning, but the development of the MOOC platform really catapulted the technology to become a different sort of place in higher education. There’s still a place for traditional communities such as traditional community colleges and other higher education institutions. However, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go to where you’re best equipped to succeed. And over the last three years, the IT industry has seen something of a revolution in the way that online learning works, which makes it possible for anyone to pursue online education.

The first reason to explore online learning is that it just doesn’t make any sense for you to do it the old fashioned way. What is traditional college? Why would anyone choose to go into traditional community college when there’s a place to learn anywhere in the world that can give you an advantage at your job or at the top of your field? The good news is that at a company like Google, the world leader in artificial intelligence, every position is competency-based and does not require a formal degree or certification. Today, there are plenty of ways you can start your online learning journey in the comfort of your own home or somewhere else.

So what’s the next step on the road to your degree or career? Well, that’s pretty straightforward when it comes to something like an online degree. All you need to do is create a website, upload a proof of enrollment, and you’re off to the races. Of course, you’ll need to get familiar with online courses first to make sure that you understand the content and proper use of the platform you’re using. In Google’s online learning system, for example, you won’t have to worry about plagiarism if you go with MOOC lessons that have taken aim at real world scenarios. Google also looks to integrate as many real life, relevant options with online courses as possible, all of which help make the education experience a much more fruitful experience. And if you’re looking to start a blog or promote yourself through the site, all you need to do is change the url and the goal posts will move from the college to the community.

But why isn’t the whole experience free? With all due respect to the many education initiatives that have gained notice over the last few years, the internet has been generous enough to offer free lessons for many years now. And while Amazon has continued to offer some free digital resources in their marketplace, one of the biggest online companies on the planet, Google, has been transforming their online learning service into a free service for all users, as long as they have a sponsored profile. If you want to have your online profile without paying, then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider the rigors of online learning.

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