What’s The Best Online Learning Site

Do you enjoy learning? I do.

So there you are, online learning is finally becoming more mainstream, but it’s a tough market to navigate and identify which sites are the best. What’s even more interesting is that online learning options can range widely, from universities and colleges to the self-paced, online learning options. How you’re engaging students and raising student engagement is just as important as the quality of the product.

The study “The Impact of Online Education on Student Attrition and the Recruitment Effect of College Enrollment” identified online options as the best way to go to school, but it had a few caveats. The study predicted that to meet U.S. employment needs, the number of online students needed to reach those goals would need to reach at least 20% of the student population. That included both universities and the self-paced online options.

As the report continues, it eventually leads to the conclusion that the online options provide opportunities for additional workforce training, beyond the initial enrollment, in areas of need, and that the schools that serve online learners are cheaper than their in-person counterparts.

The 2016 Broad Education Report told a similar story, only suggesting that online options not only increase opportunities for additional training and workforce development, but increase post-secondary attainment.

You may be wondering: is there a clear winner? Is it PayPal or Bing for education? With all of these online offerings and products, a clear winner really isn’t possible. So if you just want the best overall online learning offering that fits the needs of your students, look for one that has the highest student engagement, which is critical for education outcomes. There are not many topics that you can do a second or third pass through.

Athena Online Learning (AVIL)

Athena is a one stop shop for online education. A 1.2 million student-strong network of educators, partners, researchers, and publishers enable personalized learning experiences for all learners. This network includes a wide variety of areas of expertise such as Economics, Ethnography, Psychology, Religion, and History. And while the product includes a large amount of learning material, it’s not just learning materials, it’s the ability to allow a student to get all of the opportunities for growth and learning, by way of technology, that an educator offers.

The company has a partnership with Salesforce (CRM), so that, in conjunction with an instructor, schools and students can take advantage of interactive problem-solving offerings in the Salesforce cloud. This is where I think the stock price of the company really shines. If you can take the time to think about it, what a great investment opportunity this could be for institutions and individuals alike.

The bottom line is that if a school or individual wants the whole deck or wants them all in one place, an online option is very likely the best place to go. In fact, as of the end of 2018, AVID was the top choice by colleges and universities to best enable communication among all of their resources.

MasterCard (MA)

If you want high quality content but you also want a quick, effective way to onboard students to the idea, MasterCard is the way to go. This is perhaps one of the best values online, since it offers resources for higher education, but it also opens up the opportunity for students to start earning rewards immediately through the enrollments process.


If you just want to give your students the widest selection of options possible, and you want to pair the option of an older, less traditional college with something that has the modern kind of “green” image, the MIT is a destination for you. The company has a wide variety of content across all the STEM areas. You have to go through a veritable, and slightly-illegitimate “sucker yield” process to qualify for a few of the first classes on the site.

Whether you are a first time student looking for a fresh start, or a former student wanting a college experience, MIT provides the opportunity to participate in a college that offers many choices.

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