What Will Online Learning Be Like In 50 Years

For many educators, digital technology will play a significant role in the future of education. We’ve come a long way, but how far are we now, and how far are we headed?

What Will Online Learning Be Like In 50 Years?

How does it all even happen? They’ve all been living in, well, a “social network” for a long time, and now, they’re all starting to take all their professional initiatives online. It’s called “massive open online courses” (MOOCS), a technological advancement that’s created such hype it’s getting a close look from the mainstream press. They’re programs where people can learn from other people in a large, unsupervised environment.

Data is being collected, dynamic information is being taught in some cases, and it’s creating interest from many. But where do we go from here? What will online learning be like in 50 years? Plenty of people are claiming that it will continue to work in our favorite schools, but what if we’re wrong? How will it change and impact our school system? Will public schools continue to be the go-to solution and then to evolve? Will we have different schools and teaching styles? Let’s find out and see what comes next.

Tech Curriculum

There are four main devices everyone is going to carry with them in 10-30 years. Where things currently stand in terms of tech and coding skills — when will we grow out of that? What will be the dominant factor in the 20th century? What will come next?

It will definitely be a while before there’s a disruptive real-world platform that enables people to come up with school initiatives on an individual level. More and more people will have tech training. Will that drastically change how people access and develop their education?


We do have a lot of tools for education online. We even have a way for anyone to start online university applications. It’s called Medicus — and it may be considered revolutionary. The idea is to link professors with students of the same skill and pace. The process of starting and finishing an educational program on Medicus has been streamlined. It takes minutes to upload assignments and videos.

The idea of online learning may be the game changer in the next generation. A professor will say, “This course is 10 weeks long. It’s best to focus on fundamentals or further your skills on your own time.”

Fifty years from now, online learning won’t be touted as an idea to find answers to any problem, all of a sudden. It’ll be a part of the curriculum that everyone is going to think of. That might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your thoughts on college education. If you’re interested in online learning, then you’ll have to stay on top of current trends.

The Future of Education

What does all this mean for the children of the future? They’ll look very different to their parents and grandparents. As technology takes us forward into the 20th century, will we have the opportunity to think about what the future of education will look like? How will their school lives affect their own future?

We are at an intersection of technology, evolution, and what’s going to happen from here. As more people are taking advantage of technology — and the lack of teachers altogether — will schools evolve in their own ways to meet the needs of this new generation? Will our schools be the types of places that students learn at? What’s going to be happening with travel and tourism?

For anyone who’s already taking online training, they’ll likely start training in other places as well. They’ll be able to easily find options for online courses all around the world. Remember, travel can be a huge part of this, and travel education will be an important role online learning will fill.

What this means for our educational system is uncertain. It can look at other methods of education other than traditional schooling. Online education is going to change things, and the schools will have to adapt to keeping up with this and being competitive with these new options. And then we’ll have to figure out what learning styles and learning approaches are going to be needed.

Not only are we looking at new technology but also evolving ways of teaching. Online education is going to be very trendy in the next few decades. Maybe it’s just a new trend that lasts a while, or maybe the new technology will stay and we’ll have to get rid of all those physical classrooms and create an online education system that’s more flexible, yet still suitable for everyone.

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