What Will Advanced Ed Accept For Online Learning

“Advanced ed: What does it take to get degrees today, more than ever? And what will it take in the future?

Dr. Burnout: Is that a Howdy Doody laugh, or have you heard that same bell-ringing stuff before? While that noise will no doubt turn around and remind you of your stop-and-start personal and professional life, when things get too rough, why not just give up and walk away? If you’re on the road to burnout, it’s best to take some time to close out your online degree for the moment and re-evaluate whether or not it’s really worth it. As a lifetime learner, you’re probably approaching your degree as if you were dropping a brick through a window. In my experience, many long-term learners only try an online program for a short time and then walk away because they don’t like their experience, or because they were simply overwhelmed by all the content they had to learn.

The Problem of Grit

Now, that college is almost over and you need to build some new grit to put your skills to good use, you may want to consider taking it to the next level. Unfortunately, many of your colleagues who have already taken another semester of college have nothing but positive things to say about the process, but their learning is a complete puddle of information and next to no problem-solving skills to help them get by with it. You could focus on the most worthwhile parts of your current coursework, but you may not be able to apply them all to your next venture. What we need is some muscle memory in our system that will make us a rock-solid support to our students, not just the latest theory from somebody in a business book. By building the work life of someone with drive and ability from the ground up, you’ll be helping your new learning experiences to take off like a rocket.

Have Pain and Go to School

Remember that second grader who built his first tic-tac-toe game on a family Play-Doh model? Of course he was going to repeat the whole process on his own thanks to the familiar tools of game-building. He may not have had to repeat the experience (and the lessons) all over again, but the fact that he did at least once is worth plenty. Part of the beauty of effective online programs is that we don’t have to do the learning in isolation, in a small study group of strangers. Our teachable moments can unfold in classrooms and virtual environments, with the help of data that tells us how we can improve our work and ultimately build the model of learning we want to build.

Help Others by Doing It Yourself

While we’re talking about people, is your employer going to hire you for your problem-solving prowess? Would you consider recommending them to someone that you know doesn’t always succeed? Why? Because this is how we make the world a better place. We know who to point toward who can help improve their understanding and remedy a situation that otherwise would have ended in disaster. Giving the audience what they need to learn can be the way to break through the taboos in school that keep people stuck in uncomfortable situations. You should also invest the time to do volunteer work that’s meaningful to your community. When you bring your rich experience from the myriad of organizations you’ve been a part of to the table, it gets the whole process rolling in the direction of bettering others’ lives.

When You Find Success in Life, Then Higher Learning Will Actually Become Interesting

The fundamental formula of online education is to continue to work hard until you can no longer do it alone. Just think about the work you’ve done over the last eight years. You’ve learned how to best learn by building something from scratch. You’ve made many connections, and many new friends along the way. You’ve been through a long and hard path to arrive where you are today. You’ve achieved a lot. As you get older, as you head into a new career or an important decision about a relationship, you may want to consider re-entering the workforce or your commitment to the online degree may become worthless. You want to get out of the financial hole that is your expense-filled paid schooling. At the end of the day, if you’re any good at what you do, you want to feel good about it and be doing something that can contribute to others. The key is to follow through on the important things that take you in directions you don’t expect or prepare you for before dropping. At the end of the day, you’ll find it will make whatever courses you take that much more impactful when you take them.

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