What We’re Learning From Online Education

What we’re learning about online learning from leading tech companies.

What We're Learning From Online Education

Surely, we’ve all heard the horror stories about fake degree mills and graduate school for profit networks. We saw people literally buy degrees on Craigslist just so they could get on the next plane to get their fake credentials.

But are online courses getting the same kind of attention? Indeed, learning is going online.

The name of the game is finding a new way to learn, harnessing the power of technology to provide continuous learning experiences and cultivate lifelong learning.

As businesses grow and they need to continue to develop new solutions to specific business challenges, the requirement to do so flexibly, continuously and at scale while delivering on the expectations of business operations, is increasingly challenging. While online learning has been available in university and school settings for decades, its use and accessibility is vastly expanding.

This is resulting in many new companies offering end-to-end online courses to various segments of the population, including students, business executives, contractors, sales representatives, skilled trades, as well as business and non-business audiences. More businesses, especially non-profit organizations and universities, are leveraging online learning tools to enhance their abilities to be agile, adaptive, continuous learners.

According to Forrester, as many as 40% of all corporations see opportunities to expand their learning resources via collaboration with non-profits.

Many business consumers are turning to online courses to improve their performance and enhance their skills and expertise. Many millions of students around the world use online learning, as do external business communities.

Businesses are adapting and moving to the next level of digital disruption through tapping into more of this external digital environment by adopting digital learning technologies.

This is illustrated by how 40% of working Americans have signed up for an online course.

Companies which embrace this shift are doing so to remain competitive in today’s world where they are forced to continuously improve and be able to meet the ever-evolving challenges.

Online learning is providing the new tools and approach to continue to innovate in the digital space to help corporations learn in new and more unique ways. To understand this, we need to take a look at the growth of online learning

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Will this disrupt the traditional higher education industry? Probably not. However, there is a newer online educational model called “non-traditional” learning, which is providing a new model for learning both at academic institutions as well as in non-traditional environments including non-university programs.

A non-traditional learning approach enables organizations to use online learning technology to enable their learning mission by expanding their reach and choices to increase their ability to reach new audiences.

Let’s take a look at non-traditional learning programs in more detail.

Non-traditional programs offer a huge range of options that learners can select from. Businesses can integrate non-traditional education programs in a variety of ways, such as offerings unique to their business needs, helping to grow their global market share and growing their technology expertise. Non-traditional program offerings can also make classroom learning more relevant by creating a personalized learning experience that encompasses a user’s interests and skills in a real-time learning environment.

These online education offerings enable companies to deliver personalized learning experiences based on each learner’s interests and skills in the real-time learning environment.

We believe that, going forward, many more enterprises will look to drive transformation through the use of learning technology that has the agility, flexibility and delivery models to bring custom learning experiences to their users.

One of the ways that companies are taking advantage of online learning is through Lynda.com. Lynda is helping individuals and businesses better learn how to learn. We believe that Lynda helps solve complex learning problems by providing access to a personalized learning solution that blends technology and content to inspire and educate.

To learn more about the ability of personalized learning with Lynda.com, you can visit our blog.

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