What Ways Can You Establish A Relationship With Students In An Online Learning Environment?

A student and educator’s relationship is often more important than ever before in the 21st century. Have you thought about establishing a relationship with these people?

Dr. Rackley answers this question, based on his research.

This article is about the various forms of teaching that can lead to a positive educational experience. Should students be helped online or in person? Or will the best learning experience be possible to find between a few best friends?

Graduate students may research ways to help each other, go to an orientation session on how to best integrate learning into their daily lives, or enter into a research session on how to best cope with the pressure of learning while becoming a graduate student.

Research leads to interventions that can include self-assessments, talking through ideas, answering questions, reflecting on outcomes, practicing for exams, and more.

However, there is even a gap between the best programs for a two-year education and the best master’s programs for a four-year program. This is because many career needs differ between four and two years.

Online vs. In-Person Learning

Although individuals can learn in both an online and in-person classroom, some studies are indicating that we should be favoring online learning over an in-person setting.

The use of student computers, in an interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, and exciting interactive learning environment, is the most rewarding form of learning. Online learning allows students a greater emphasis on their learning by building skills to troubleshoot and improve.

New players are entering this learning process. Last year at Cornell, students in the applied sciences bachelor’s and master’s programs all shared in the process of navigating its new learning brand. They came from nearly every state and over 70 countries, took classes from across all major schools in the U.S., and worked closely with faculty and administrators in a shared research lab to create a curriculum that was unique in the nation.

The best way to introduce new ways of thinking is to provide an environment where they can experience that thinking with their peers before learning on their own.

The role of home students

In this age, when technology is revolutionizing what it means to learn, students are missing another part of the equation: their home school, the family. We don’t realize it, but we are more likely to discover our lifelong interest in things when we were pushed to learn those things as a child.

Students take classes at top schools using these best practices. Their professors will at times and places of their choosing.

Respect for the home school with its unique approach to learning has two major benefits.

In the short term, a student’s home school can remain visible in their self-visualization, so if they are being taught in a way that isn’t serving their personal learning, they can ask their professor for information.

In the long term, a student’s home school can show the student how to overcome common challenges they face today. Imagine a student from a part-time school deciding to attend a four-year school with several obstacles like non-existent summer session, increased debt, and lower pay—which is what is happening to many students today.

By working with their home school, they might discover that helping the undercurrent support system is part of a professor’s best practices, and how to become a more self-supportive student.

The temptation for students is to see an all-online school and say, “Oh, that sounds like fun.”

The best solution is to work with the best teachers, and students are willing to learn—sometimes it’s just a matter of how you do it.

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