What Was That Learning Island Game Online Line Runner

On this edition of What Was That Learning Island Game, we learned about a new computer game called ‘Line Runner’.

What Was That Learning Island Game Online Line Runner

What was that learning island game online? Was this some sort of word war game? That’s a question you might have asked yourself on several occasions, when one of your internet friends announced that the team’s was kicking up tons of comments on “a learning game” that was being played online.

Kung Fu Games

That business was actually the famous Kung Fu Games website, based out of Hong Kong and now online in English and Chinese with games that can be played locally, regionally, and internationally. As far as the website goes, that’s where you’d see the game being played. If you go to their english website, it’s called Kung Fu’s Shot Challenge and you’ll find out the backstory of the game.

The pre-dated them, in fact. It was originally a point-and-click concept game invented by Yuyu Tsang and Tang Qingting, who together taught Taekwondo. So, if the name sounds familiar, that’s because it was called NBA 2K, or NFL 2K, the first two games in the NBA 2K series to feature basketball.

It’s interesting to note that the idea for the game, from the debut in 1992 until the site launched around 2013, was to teach kung fu and muay thai, the Chinese martial art that has it roots in kung fu. Muy thai is gaining popularity in Europe, the United States, and parts of Asia.

The idea for the game was to sell the game by themselves, or for later companies to create, as a means of funding and attracting players. They achieved that goal, and some day, it might even be used as a marketing tool, particularly to get more traffic on their website. But for now, you can play it online, or offline, and it really does remain a fun, addictive game, like that web game you referenced back in the tutorial. It includes “Nexus Fighter” and “Mighty Theatre” variants, as well as the original.

About Learning Island Online

In the English original, you play as part of a two person team, and try to complete a series of challenges to earn points for opponents in backseat. The purpose of these points, you will find out in the game, is to upgrade your fighting skills, or mastery over moves in other games.

So, which games will actually let you go outside your local region, and the internet site allows you to upload the respective games to others outside of its hosts. As you play, you level up to new levels of understanding of your opponent’s moves, and so on. For example, to get experience, you have to create a brand new move in a game so that you can then use it on your opponent, upgrading and taking their honor for a while.

The Hong Kong team over at Kung Fu Games have really set themselves up for it to be a long-running popularity, not just a short-lived success. This isn’t just a microconsole, this is a multi-purpose play, and it works online, and offline, even for classic and older games.

All of the games above, as well as others, are available for you to watch online. You can embed the videos within your browser; so why not?

Be still our beating hearts and that noble training we receive from watching these games. For example, “NYS Asiana”, originally thought to be a new cross-over game between the World Basketball Association (now the NBA) and the WNBA. However, the game never materialized, as it was cancelled by the NBA in 2014. We all wonder: Could that have been done on some remote server, after the fact? It might have been a 20 second video of a journey, made all by the team watching YouTube.

Pepsi Metal, on the other hand, is a classic, heavy metal game that literally has its history mirrored in a video posted on the website. What was then called Heavy Metal is now known simply as Metal, and where it took you to when you first started out in battle (in USA, UK, Europe, and Asian territories) was its home on site. The video of the trailer alone, won’t beat the game itself, as it’s just awesome.

If you’re game, with a hefty Internet service provider bill and regular Facebook updates from your group, you can interact with the fanbase, and add your support, play the site, and gain quick social currency for your county or continent. It’s not just a game, it’s a simulation of what’s really at play in many different conflicts around the world. And Kung Fu Games proudly promote learning, teaching, and building, as a core value, as well

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