What Types Of Online Learning Experiences Are Available For Students

We know that the system is often complicated, but these organizations are providing plenty of information on how to navigate education online.

We live in an ever-changing world, where many new online learning options are being introduced. Whether it’s low-cost, open-enrollment online programs, collaborative online classrooms, or even vocational education, there are a number of ways you can access learning online. Check out these different types of education options that are available for students to seek out on their own:

Technology Based Learning

A technology-based learning (aka web-based) program is a learning course or program that is delivered via the internet through a personal computer, browser, or handheld device. For example, one of the best known examples of a tech-based learning program is MIT’s Intro to Computing, which allows students to take part in a number of hands-on experiments to help them understand the fundamentals of computing.

Traditional Private Online Learning

A traditional private online learning (also known as a university-based education) is an educational program that is generally delivered by a university within a private university setting. This type of online program usually includes distance learning or university-level courses. For example, Stanford University provides a traditional private online learning program called “Stanford BYLU,” which is led by professors who teach computer science and engineering courses to high school students in California and through online workshops, videos, and podcasts. The program is offered to students over the internet and has an advantage of being a trusted brand that allows students to identify with an institution that is trusted.

Workshops in the Community

Workshops in the community (or co-located) is the most accessible type of online learning opportunity and helps to create an intimate learning environment. A workshop in the community often involves a place or group of individuals teaching online courses, which ranges from organized general education online classes to seminar classes, special offers, and isolated specializations, including ones on coding, space exploration, and creating works of art, to name a few. For students who like to work online, a workshop in the community allows them to focus on a specific course topic or industry without needing to leave their home.

Open Enrollment Online Classes

An open enrollment online class is one that is open to the public as long as they take part in some type of assignment or activity, such as a test, a course outline, or a topic area. An example of an open enrollment online class that might appeal to you is University of Arizona Online College, which allows students to take up to 12 courses per year for a cost of $10 to $20 per course. By opening up the online courses, students can still gain access to quality education while still being able to take their time and do their own online homework.

Collaborative Online Classes

Collaborative online classes are a collaborative (in the sense that it involves team of people) course that involves multiple professors, other students, and the instructor. They can be taught online through Google Hangouts, or they can be taught on campus with interactive white boards and screens to further engage students in the conversation. One of the most well-known examples of collaborative online courses is the advanced course on Information Dissemination taught at UC Berkeley with Google Hangouts.

Various Levels of Digital Literacy

A higher level of digital literacy includes the ability to navigate and be able to read and understand graphic design documents, digital images, and other works of digital art. To achieve this, students need to be able to work with their unique level of skill, be it computer skills, knowledge of digital images, or knowledge of tech and user interfaces. By working within that realm, students can work on learning a specific skill for their specific situation, whether that’s creating digital animations for animation classes, designing applications or games, or even creating visually appealing websites.

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