What Theory Of Learning Are Grand Canyon Online Nursing Programs Based On

Students that complete University of the Rockies and its online affiliates are learning from the world’s most iconic peak.

What Theory Of Learning Are Grand Canyon Online Nursing Programs Based On

Written by Zachary Gordon

In the age of technological advancements, you could be forgiven for not fully grasping the impact the world’s digital spheres have had on the very survival of traditional higher education, including a field as complex as nursing. In fact, for many professions, only recent demographic shifts have saved the profession from extinction. Now, with staggering technological changes unlocking the potential of our digital and social forebears, one healthcare field is exploring new frontiers in experiential learning—one that may help bring health care closer to its patients and ultimately find new ways to heal them.

Preserving Epidemic Proficiency And Recognizing Complex Patterns

Unfortunately, the surge in opioid-related deaths has showcased that our society is increasingly susceptible to accidental overdose. In fact, in 2014, 17.3 million Americans aged 12 and older abused alcohol or drugs. In 2011, the result of any substance overdose was an average of about 130 fatal overdoses. Since this trend began, there have been an estimated 150,000 of these deaths each year, on average. In other words, every two hours a new person dies of an opioid overdose. A young adult aged 17-25 represents about 58% of total deaths caused by opioids, while the age group 26-50 represents 43% of all deaths.

Because of these alarming numbers, a bright and comprehensive future for high school nursing graduates has been discussed, but it is something that is expected to emerge in a few years. And while nursing programs offer a number of initiatives to prepare students for their careers, another, more innovative approach that has emerged is more community-focused. A program for online nursing students is challenging students to seek out and examine the patterns of patients in the areas of addiction. When it comes to opioids, pain and recovery—both obvious aspects of the epidemic and questionably helpful methods—relying on standard methods will not save lives. Instead, active education in trends in patient care and opioid-related methods of treating those issues can help us avoid further engendering a culture of dependency—and instead work to prevent further opioid overuse and related health care issues.

This method of education is one that, to me, is not only exceptionally important for the health care of our society, but it’s a trend that I hope will spread and impact the entire world, to the betterment of all. Many in our business are considering partnering with such programs to augment their offerings. So what kinds of opportunities are there available for traditional campuses to partner with these programs and inject technology in their educational process?

Content Management And Leveraging Social Media

According to Daniel Dalton, the President of Lancaster University’s Nursing School, there are several advantages to bringing his program’s education on-line. In addition to shortening time frames and tailoring the opportunity to very specific needs, the website offers health care students a wealth of knowledge, including ways to educate and work with patients, how to best approach academic discourse, and methods to develop and nurture a nursing workforce. The website’s use of social media and patient information is based on the goal of helping students understand difficult issues and seek out information that is culturally sensitive.

Though Dalton’s internet curriculum and interactive forum allows students to learn and interact with one another in a unique way, and though students already have access to state-of-the-art nursing technology, he’s quick to stress the importance of the opportunity to connect to current professionals in the health care field.

To keep up-to-date on Lancaster University online nursing programs, visit Lancaster.edu

To learn more about education and technology and other topics, join the Bizzanooga Chamber’s DeVos & Milton Anderson Society (MACS).

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