What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Nytimes

What teens learn from New York Times stories online. POPSUGAR teamed up with Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures to find out.

Now that the internet has made learning content and advice more accessible than ever, we’re seeing many of our teen readers starting to follow what we’re writing on our educational website. And it’s fun to see all the questions coming in! It’s inspiring to see which news topics are popular at the moment.

What Topics Are They Connecting with?

Our Teen page is filled with questions about school choice, how to deal with shunning, online dating, and online self-esteem. Also popular with teens are our offerings on the different types of classes that can help them get into the college they love.

Why Should Your Teen Care What You Talk About Online?

Teens need to learn as much as you can about everything going on around them. They need to know about their peers in a way that you may not have thought of because the conversations are happening all the time.

How Are You?

Teens really love to listen to their parents and are drawn to them, even when they could be making more meaningful connections online.

The Younger You Are, the More Involved You Are

One of the best parts of using the internet to stay connected with your teen is to listen and be a real person, instead of coming across as the “mother of the kingdom.”

Don’t Go Online With Drowsy, Mistreated, or Submissive Teen

We can teach young teens that going online is one way to learn, but they cannot learn how to be safe or assert themselves simply by doing that. This is a large part of their adolescence and, it has to be learned from their parents.

It’s About Turning Your Teen Into an Independent Woman

We’re in favor of learning more and sharing online, but we have to do it on your own terms. This means not letting our teens spend hours having fun and then suddenly vanish or control their online interactions.

Follow Our Tips For Smart Online Environments

And remember these tips. Teach them how to make smart decisions that don’t automatically lead to dangerous behavior.

What You Can Do to Avoid (or Respond to) Irresponsible Ways Of Talking To Each Other Online

Teens are really afraid of shaming or embarrassment. So talking dirty to each other is out and discretion is in.

Blocking the Available Lovers

Teens will not want to make decisions on their own. You can set an alert for situations like that by enabling parental controls or if it’s about education, remember to block students.

Only Use True Names

Think before posting about your brother, yourself, or your parents on social media. Every time you post something, it stays with your privacy settings.

Try To Resist Calling Your Parents or Friends The N-Word

This is when your brain blows up and you need to point them out to you. You need to stop and remember they do NOT want to hear it.

When Can I Use My BlackBerry?

Yes, girls have their phones, and some moms and dads own them, too. Teens should only use their phones at age 13 for using a calculator, listening to music, watching videos or playing games.

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