What Teenagers Are Learning From Online

Thanksgiving may be over, but the pop culture they care about is not. Our news section today is a timely examination of how some of today’s teen-centric pop culture is influencing today’s teens.

What Teenagers Are Learning From Online

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In this 21st century, it may seem impossible to imagine your children growing up without internet access at home or somewhere else, and technology has been delivering ever more interesting ways to experience the world. Here are just a few of the things teens are learning from online.

Scouting and education. Whether you are a student, teacher, researcher, photographer, politician, or any other person who cares about the world or the future, it is all too easy to underestimate the impact technology can have. Throughout this month, Youth Media Foundation and YouthQuest.org are making sure teens hear about how much these aspects of our life can affect their choices, teaching with the goal of giving teens the tools to succeed.

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Financially unstable life decisions. A report from The Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that 44 percent of teen girls and 24 percent of teen boys are not spending money on their necessities. This is something being driven by the rising cost of going to school or providing proper adult care. It can also be seen that more and more teens are using technology as the sole means of purchasing necessities such as food and gas. This could also be driven by more unemployed young adults, or the scarcity of jobs in general, which has caused the economy to shift to an industry that can receive much more funding, which is business. Teens are realizing how important it is to save money and it is having a serious impact on their future in more ways than one.

Ageism and unfairness. If there’s one thing teens remember about adulthood from their time spent with technology and video games, it’s that it isn’t all happy, fun and convenient. Seeing adults try to have some fun and make a profit in this type of economy is probably giving many teens the impression that it is not always fair, and may therefore steer them away from certain industries. This is especially applicable to teens who don’t have a job or are receiving little to no compensation for their time and effort. Looking forward to being able to participate in the industry of their choice and be successful themselves can be incredibly attractive to an American teenager nowadays, and it shows that adolescence is not the only time teenagers are influencing their future.

The ongoing question of why people are the way they are. Technology can be a major part of not only our everyday lives, but the development of that which is going on around us. When we don’t have personal interaction with a human being, we can simply scroll through our phones, scrolling over images that are irrelevant to our daily existence. Or we can go back to previous times and experiences that are important to us. One very common example would be our traditional interaction with relatives or loved ones, a form of interaction that is very important for children. As technology grows and develop, it can potentially make what we see in the television or computer even more accurate as we learn about other people. When more and more technology is available, and is taught more widely, it can also leave us indifferent to how these different people in our lives behave. Rather than spending time conversing with these people, many teenagers spend their time posting mean comments, or taking part in online harassment. Technology might give us the power to communicate with people in all kinds of different ways, but we must be careful that we do not grow more like this.

Physical and mental health. Keeping up with the day-to-day stresses can make it harder for some people to practice healthful behaviors. In fact, a recent study from Stanford found that people who are constantly stressed are more likely to smoke and may have a greater risk of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. In addition, many teens spend more time checking their devices than exercising or interacting with their friends. This can lead to a lack of self-care and emotional self-regulation, which often means a rise in unhealthy habits.

Teens are learning what not to do. While teenagers are not the only people in the world who have been affected by technology, they are very influential in how their peers are using the technology and it can influence the way they engage with the world in the future. This is because technology is social; it isn’t about the individual but about the relationship. Teens could have good intentions, but using the technology can go against their interests.

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