What Strengths Do You Bring To Online Learning?

What skills do you have that can be harnessed into teaching online? Use the topics below to prepare your course.

What Strengths Do You Bring To Online Learning?

The following is a post written by Kristin Wilson, who blogs at Woodland Lady Eaters.

Sometimes we just want to read old textbooks. When it comes to deciding what learning experience to pursue online, or on the internet, before making the final decision, we really want to make sure we have the skills and strengths to take advantage of an online experience. It helps if we know what areas of our life we can be on top of, with excellent knowledge. These consist of:


Like anything, how you approach learning online differs. Regardless of what you think you’ll learn, whether that’s yoga, cooking, how to start a business, or geography, here are four things you need to know before you go.

1. You will be alone

There is no room for excuses when it comes to what you expect from your online learning. That means you have to go with the flow, learn the material while you’re on your own, and don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll start to make friends in-between projects, but there is absolutely no room for regret because you’re alone.

2. You are.

You can’t pull in a teacher to help out. That’s a good thing. You will have plenty of free time in your schedule, which will be made easier by your busy calendar of studying. You will likely work every night or an entire day without taking time off.

The key is to not let that worry you. In the beginning, you can expect the door to stay ajar for you, but don’t let it feel like it. You will have an online learning experience that you will think is unusual, but it’s just your routine.

3. You have to figure out how to stay motivated

We all struggle with doing school, and most of us don’t understand that there is an answer for every situation. Most of us have a beautiful obsession with anything that takes no work, but that’s what we get paid to do. Why do we study when it’s just another day at the office?

The challenge is to always look at the bigger picture. You can’t change the way you study or do your work every day, but you can change the life of a student every day. You are that student who never spends the night alone with the pages of a thesis and never lacks motivation.

If your motivation is an issue, then be prepared to make adjustments. Instead of every night revving up for college, figure out how to keep your mind fresh and even your workout routine enthusiastic when you have your virtual classroom experience. You are that student who has endless energy to keep on rolling until the end of the semester.

4. Your professors will work with you

I’ve learned from experience that one of the best things you can do for yourself in an online learning experience is to be friendly with your professors. This may seem like an obvious thing, but most students don’t always do this because they’re afraid of being disappointed in the class.

It’s really not the case. Not only do you have access to professors that have great knowledge and experience, but most professors like to see their students succeed, too. You can find experts in your area of study that know exactly what you’re experiencing.

You can take advantage of their wisdom and take it a step further. Give them your questions and they can look into the content and find a way to help you. If you work with them, they won’t just help you get a class perfect, but they’ll add more knowledge to your learning and move you further along as you advance in your area of study.

At the end of the day, my only advice is to avoid the fears, expectations, and nerves about a learning experience. Be diligent and learn to relax. After all, it’s just your schoolwork.

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