What Software Do I Need To Use To Create An Online Language Learning Course

Facebook created Messenger College. In the old days, you would have made a class in grammar school.

What Software Are You Using To Take Your Online Languages Course?

Because there is no modern-day de-mining project any more (it’s not one of those underfunded high-tech black projects by charitable coalitions), some day soon we’ll need to face the post-coal age. What will that look like and what tools will we need to bring our natives up to speed with the times? So what software do I need to create an online language course? Here’s what I’ve found:

I originally used Linguan from Google Latitude for an August 11, 2018, project. I could have made this course on the West of France site (there are a few smaller services out there like Audio-Reference.) But it’s too narrow a language to be run across several platforms. Linguan is based on 1601, which is the same year as the Gutenberg Bible and about 20 centuries after Columbus was in the Western Hemisphere and the first Post-Viking ship was stopped by Spanish navigator Isabelligo de las Palmas.

I use ALPS Expansive in both Dutch and French for both my Spanish and Flemish studies. I’m currently using Swiftly in Portuguese and French for the Portuguese and Flemish studies, and WPS in Portuguese and Flemish for my Spanish and German studies. English language courses are mostly run on Babbel, but I rarely use that on its existing courses. All of the languages on the Monthesdocours site are run in Sancret. The high end version of Altiocre is still new and wasn’t available in 2016. So far, that’s the only language I’ve run as a course through this system, and I never ran it on Cartamiglia…and I’m using a 1997 program! It will be interesting to see if this will be an issue with Google.

What Language Do I Use?

This isn’t an exact science since there are two languages for each country. In fact, this seems to be one of the major issues for officials such as me. In each case, the native language is the most important one, so if I use that one to build the website, it will therefore be my primary language for making website content. However, using the dictionary and rules along with the new phrases posted on other sites is important if you are being guided by a parent who wants you to learn that language. There may be several layers: learners of different ages can be aided by new phrases in whatever language they are taking. The one-way, one-subject method is another difficulty since the basics remain largely unchanged for all languages.

Installing courses is more than just typing a download–I also want the latest version of the software and to be able to see how the content will transfer. I hate to use third-party Installer tools, as they often have archaic formatting and weird features. Instead, I turn to Avail for English language courses. It feels very up-to-date, and it syncs easily across different platforms and languages.

When Writing?

There are a number of plugins (for English, French, Flemish, etc.) to follow along with Linguan (such as Lumist, LanguageAide, and QuiloMe). Most plugins follow with a translation of the text selected, which is especially helpful because the offline Linguan assignments translate in huge percentages to English. Some tools have the option of adding a task with multiple actions, which will take a snapshot of the program run across several computers and its different browsers and directories. There’s no place for browser extensions in Linguan, so you have to use Microsoft’s extension placement list or Adobe’s extension preference list.

My current Linguan course includes eight language articles and a recap for the month. I have two longer articles that I know will be required for most learners, but still want to publish as a complete whole.

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