What Skills Should Learners Obtain As A Result From Learning Online

What skill do online learners wish they have learned before deciding to embark on an education in the Digital Age?

What Skills Should Learners Obtain As A Result From Learning Online

Coursera, a nonprofit collaboration between Stanford University and leading for-profit institutions in the US, is a for-profit entity which offers free, open education. It sees its role as the main provider of teacher-centered curriculum and the training of online trainers. The company also supports the development of next-generation learning tools, content, assessment and analytics as part of its efforts to improve the quality of the education system and equip its workforce with new tools. The company has chapters in all the major world capitals and many university campuses around the world. The following information aims to focus on a few of the advantages of Coursera which can help people in both the online and offline learning processes.

Online learning tools

The Coursera method offers many advantages to people who are interested in an online learning experience. The company recently launched a collaboration with Adobe to offer training for Adobe Stock, the company’s marketplace of licensed content. Some of the suggested training sessions for Adobe Stock include:

Inbox Import: Make the best use of your imported images

A set of video and audio guides is also available in Adobe Stock Training Academy.

The growing number of people learning from online sources in colleges and universities today is due to the speed and accessibility of online tools. There is an estimated 170 million people that are currently using online sources as a primary source to learn about various subjects. The advantages of Coursera are many as it offers tools to create dynamic learning experience for students.

Learning materials

Coursera has a set of authentic documents and videos for different subjects. All the materials are also available in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese. Coursera allows students to download a large number of documents and documents can be streamed online.

The resources available on Coursera include a range of scientific journals, academic papers, white papers, presentations, textbooks, course notes, audio and visual examples, tutorials, test tracks, quizzes, games, spreadsheets, interactive course simulations, & a large amount of videos for academic and personal learning. The company has more than 16 million registered users from over 100 countries.

Online tutor support

The company has created a special learning marketplace where local tutors can charge for their services. You can even register for Coursera certifications which will allow you to get your professional certification in certificate courses.

Course content

Classes available on Coursera are divided into two tracks: online and offline. Coursera offers courses in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Hebrew, Polish, Croatian, Spanish, Turkish, Slovak, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Norwegian, German, Arabic, Finnish, Swedish, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech, Greek, Czech, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Norwegian, Greek, Hebrew, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Turkish, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai, Thai, Korean, Thai

Their catalog of online courses includes cognitive behaviorism, behavioral economics, developmental biology, finance, zoology, business, history, music appreciation, management, content analysis, financial statistics, statistics, economics, business fundamentals, operations research, finance, history, regulatory compliance, and legal issues. Coursera has also released massive open online courses (MOOCs) which are short classes of course content in specific subjects. These courses can be downloaded free of charge and there are even a significant number of third-party apps for iOS & Android that can help you take advantage of Coursera’s online courses.


Coursera also has many different experts who can assist students in learning. These are certified in subject areas that the students want to learn from. They can provide an extensive overview of a content area, help students learn new facts and often times do research for the students. They usually organize peer-to-peer classes where students can interact with each other. They can also reach out to students based on criteria such as similar work level, a similar personal location, age etc.

There are experts in the field of editing and publishing content. They can provide the necessary edit and formatting skills that professionals need. The website offers a small library of online textbooks for students to download on iTunes or Google Play. The company also provides educational content for other professionals such as lawyers, translators, medical professionals, marketers, consultants and business development experts among others.

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