What Should You Spend Learning Points On In Albion Online

Be sure to learn some new skills that you may not be using everyday in this daily quiz.

Second part of the week long series exploring points to understand and mine from Albion online. Read part one here.

They say the old way and the new are always the same – nonsense. If you’re from the UK, one of the oldest online forums in existence will tell you it’s a dog eat dog world. So why not toss old-fashioned regulations out the window and give them a sirloin burger. At least that’s what Albion’s 604,000+ members argue when trying to sort the alternative taking place in one of the UK’s biggest online communities. They argue like dogs, argue good, argue bad.

Something called alt.way.net, an English take on the site that’s very much like mod., is attempting to reverse engineer the user interface and remove user trust. After ten years of “getting it right,” users think they’ve bested the algorithm and gone rogue, flipping the switch and changing the terms of service that have powered them for some time. So, what’s an individual and a company to do?

A good start would be to know the right questions to ask – why is this happening? Which of the members of this forum are attempting to make changes that need to be made? Should you post about it on your personal blog? Be the first? Second? All? You should know this before rushing in without conducting your own, independent investigation of the matter.

On days that alt.way.net is out of beta, the consensus is that its user interface is broken and needs to be repaired. As in, fixed. The assumption is that the solution is to get rid of one feature, an aspect of their UI that’s problematic. But is that true? With a simple search on the site, members can find the wrong method with similar names and specifics. One Redditor – flunky26 – has the problem of alt.way.net. “ALTERNATIVE WAY DOWNLOADS APPS AND TABS HAS A VERY BAD NUMBER OF INSTALLERS IN ITS SYSTEM AT THE ECCENTRAL SOFTWARE PORTAL,” he writes. “A lot of people on this forum are using this way when download(ing) other things. VERY BAD.”

The other problem is that people (optimists or no) refuse to give alt.way.net the benefit of the doubt. If some point a threat, remove the threat, they say. If not, cancel registration and start again. It’s a classic Peter Pan theory – agree with someone here and the moral of the story is if you are just going to avoid all conflict, why aren’t you in heaven?

If there’s a really innovative option available, join us on the front lines for what is arguably the most fascinating and controversial forum on the Internet. We’ll look at the information exchange between members and their communities. We’ll learn about the things that are popular on alt.way.net. We’ll be able to compare other points of view. We’ll be able to find the silver lining in the midst of the clouds.

Going on the police blotter is no guide to the future – didn’t O.J. Simpson get away with killing his wife? It’s important to understand that new services aren’t always determined by apparent challenges from other platforms. Also, commenting is more than just idle chatter. We’ll learn how the industry will continue to shift. We’ll connect the dots between social media giants, hybrid businesses, tech startups, and the politically connected. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch – they do sometimes have a tendency to pull in from around the world to do the impossible.

As Edward Snowden has said “No state, including the United States, has yet developed tools or sensors on the scale necessary to see all traffic.” So what does that mean? That this subject is still alive and well. It’s likely we’ll be diving into this topic and probing and bumping into the subject for quite some time. We’ll see new ideas, expect new companies, and probably some variations on new products or services. It can’t all be winners.

I promise you there will be no blue ribbon, I promise you that I won’t sink.

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