What Should A Manager Do To Help Ensure That Online Learning Is Effective

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What Should A Manager Do To Help Ensure That Online Learning Is Effective

Even though online learning is gaining popularity, it is a challenging time for the new employee. While your experience is important, so is your skill set, attitude, and empathy. That is a position you must help staff adjust to when new employees come into the work place.

Employees expect high expectations in new workers. Your success in helping new hires and the rest of the company adapt to their new roles depends upon your experience and skills. Ask your trusted guidance and training staff for their best advise on how to avoid the following pitfalls:

1. You Need To Be You

Generally, managers are those individuals that are held accountable for the profitability of the company. In theory, this is a good thing because they are the ones who make those decisions.

However, it’s your experience that helps. You’ve been around long enough to have learned the skills and expectations that any new worker will face. It’s up to you to act as the expert on both your group and this job. You and your team members will need to know how to negotiate with other staff members. It’s going to be critical to have patience when new hires struggle. You are the one holding the ball here and the least able to be argumentative.

2. Your Team Is Not Who They Are Anonymously Online

Despite social media portraying they can cut their ties with friends and family, they don’t always do so. Instead, these people follow the same online habits as they would do in real life. Therefore, they make posts and comments that should not be included.

Whenever someone posts poorly online or they become confrontational with others in a debate, they should cut it out. It’s easy to make harsh remarks about work, personal beliefs, and political opinions. People are online to interact with others from the comfort of their home, and employees expect others to treat them that way. They want to be treated with civility and respect.

3. Discussing Customer Support On Site Is OK But So Is Conversation Off

Any interaction with customers should be on topic. If it’s not, one of two things will happen: one, the staff will get frustrated and complain about the phone or the company’s customer service policies.

That’s a bad combination because the employees won’t only be disrespected by customers, but they could also make big mistakes. When you talk to customers over the phone, ask them to call back a week later and re-post on social media. Post on Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram with photos and descriptions. You should also ask for customer feedback.

Off site interactions are fine, but you need to do them carefully. For instance, let team members know you will be taking a day off on Friday and Saturday and you encourage them to pick up the slack during your absence. Make sure that you have your next team member to do customer service in your absence.

2. Be Courteous To Old Employees

It’s tempting to want to promote new blood, but you also need to be courteous to all of your employees. You should let other staff members know if their positions are being eliminated. If someone you do not know well suggests that you hire him or her, respect that. Be encouraging, but do not overstep boundaries. Employees want to be recognized and appreciated. They would like to be considered for a promotion as well. Not only that, they would like to know that the management supports them.

You could find that a new employee loves to talk to people. In my experience, people like to brag about themselves. In a strange sense, they want you to listen to them. If they want you to listen, it’s safe to talk to them.

Also, be aware that people like to take an edge out of things. They may express that they appreciate your support. They may even praise your attitude or try to improve your practices. However, they are not the same people they were before they joined the company. They may be a little nicer, but people like bragging and may try to undermine you or give you a hard time.

While online learning is a hot trend, it’s still the same individuals getting hired. It’s not worth working with a person who talks a good game and doesn’t live up to it.

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