What Programs Does Ohio Dominican Use For Online Learning

Online learning programs are becoming more and more popular with many colleges and universities. Thankfully, many of them offer programs designed for students that would find difficult navigating a traditional brick and mortar school.

What Programs Does Ohio Dominican Use For Online Learning

Ohio Dominican and its 59-school campus serve more than 20,000 children and young adults annually. Its online learning programs provide high-quality academic learning opportunities to over 3,000 students in kindergarten through high school. Students choose from courses that meet the academic and lifelong learning requirements of the colleges they attend.

The Dominican Academy

The Dominican Academy (DA) operates Ohio Dominican’s online program. Students are supported by additional classroom-based learning support, field trips, and opportunities to connect with family and friends. A strong interdisciplinary curriculum integrates traditional academic content and 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, technology, and digital literacy.

Dominican College

Dominican College, which offers an online college experience to up to 75 students at a time, is the Dominican University Online program, which offers high-quality online learning to students pursuing their bachelor’s degree at Dominican College.

How Is Their Online Learning Different?

Dominican studies the development of their students’ collaborative, independent-thinking skills, how to motivate students in online classes, developing a professional online learning experience, and how to support them through the post-graduation transition.

Dominican College

“Dominican’s school operates like a high school, with learning practices that are natural to adolescents who are developing into young adults,” says Attorney Allison Burzendak, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominican.

Dominican is interested in growing and learning from their students’ experiences, so they ask students to share what they thought went well, what they would do differently, and what they did well that they can share with the rest of the community.

The Learning Management System (LMS)

Dominican uses Oracle Course Management System (LMS) and hosted learning management system (LMS) to create digital systems that are customized to their use cases. A strategy which is necessary for online learning and differentiates them from the majority of online schools.

Dominican has a team of specialists that support students through the entire process of taking a course or to be proactive about successfully completing courses in the Dominican Academy.

How Are They Reaching New Students?

Dominican believes in “connecting with the whole child,” and that means not only reaching their current students and alumni, but finding ways to connect and collaborate with potential new students. Dominican’s online learning team developed an online application for prospective students which helps them review their online course information and make their own decisions about whether to apply.

Other Strategies

As they develop programs and services for their students, students can interact with Dominican teachers via interactive digital platforms, videos, social media, and other methods. While they are actively engaging with current students, the Dominican team continues to work to connect with the rest of the community as well. The website allows people to reach Dominican online and reach out to teachers.

How Does It Measure Student Success?

Dominican’s online learning program is evaluated twice a year, making it easy to assess its performance and see if they are meeting their student’s learning objectives. Students achieve high school diplomas, which give them the knowledge and skills needed to successfully enter any online program, community college, or for post-secondary education.

What Programs Did Their Students Take?

Dominican prepares and challenges students from low-income families, those at-risk of dropping out, students who wish to change their major, and English Language Learners.

How Do They Rate Learning-Ability In The Classroom?

There is a consistent philosophy at Dominican: to create an environment where learning takes place with students.

How Does It Interact With Their Schools?

Dominican is located in two communities. Online programs and services are available to students enrolled at Florida International University, Dade County Community College, St. Augustine Technical College, and Florida Atlantic University, and Dominican also collaborates with St. Augustine University on their online programs. Dominican has a strong community-based presence.

For those wanting to learn more about online learning at a Catholic University, check out the complete list of Online University programs offered here.

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