What Programs Are Good For A 4 Year Old Online Learning

Want to learn how to code or gain an understanding of ethics? We know how.

Are you satisfied with the level of educational content on the web? Is it interesting and entertaining enough to make you want to get better? If not, here are a few video games that can help teach a child everything they need to know without dipping into your wallet.

Is our craft enough to deal with the times?

They’ve become a commodity, and now a 2nd grader gets a Magic Band for $19.99 from Amazon. Who made that? Take the lesson from watching games like Minecraft. If you’re an adult, you can buy new players some tools and they’ll be able to create buildings they don’t even know how to know how to code. If they’re over 6, they’ll need to buy better tools because their parents might get away with buying them something new, or they’ll want to work with new stuff at the office. But imagine if they could still stay in the world of Minecraft and let Minecraft handle development.

Try and Link a Rooting Network

Does your child not play in 4th and 5th grade, where common knowledge says that Liking and Recommending is an acceptable sort of thing? Let them get some experience and learn from first-person shooter games like The Division or Halo on a Level 1-60. These video games emphasize the fun they can get when mixing in a little ethics and team work. This is already a program you could easily teach a child without any tangible cost.

Create a Theme Park

Whether it’s building a theme park, or creating a fireworks display, you can set your child loose on a game like Grand Theft Auto V. The mechanics are there and the experience can be fun for an entire group.

Become an X-Man

Depending on what sort of anime you have, or specifically, characters you like. You could look into the power of the Super Hero, or you could play some “Tower Defense” in a style inspired by Doom or Call of Duty. Either way, games that challenge your son or daughter on an x-ray-like level will leave them aspiring to be superheroes in their own minds.

Impossible Machines

Going to work, building something, discovering something new can be interesting. It depends on the YouTube channel you’re sharing it with. Unless they have a background in software engineering, and you already know that, they need a programming language. Unless they learn it themselves, giving them a game like CCG Canvas3D can take some of the pressure off and make it easier. You can still have fun building things, but knowing what everything looks like and working with your child to make it happen will add a sense of purpose to your entire experience. It will create more excitement in the future when you show them it’s possible for them to do something they weren’t thinking of when they weren’t interested.

Play Angry Birds

What is more different from Minecraft and Angry Birds? The world of Angry Birds, with all of its voices, the music, the narration. There are ways to make it fun for the family too. In the video series All About Oni, you’ll hear the team comment on the topics they cover, and you’ll be able to play behind the scenes.

Become a Tour Guide

Whether you make it yours to go around the tour, or hand your child it over after you’ve completed it, a tour guide is a perfect way to use technology to create interactive experiences. Imagine them having a stop at Google to unlock a lesson on basic coding. But instead of having your child pay for those skills, you can get them into it for free for the time being.

These are just a few more ideas for parents. If you have something you think is good, or you know someone who might be able to teach their child something important they could use, hit us up in the comments.

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