What Online Learning Tools Are Used At Uc Berkeley?

Along with the storied history, education at UC Berkeley starts with the students themselves. Christine Hollen visits some of the new methods the university is using to retool the outlook for students across campus.

A few years ago, former student Josh Bernstein, who had studied psychology at UC Berkeley, published an article stating that the university did not have an accurate system for tracking and identifying its most successful students—to the point that one in five were free agents, anonymous to faculty, undergrads, and administrators alike. How does the university keep track of this cohort? By helping them join online classes.

It’s a good thing; online classes have had no problem attracting students. According to the California Assembly, more than one-third of California high school students are taking at least one online course; 73% of community college students were online learners in 2016. Unfortunately, too many aren’t successful, leaving many great online courses out of reach. This explains why the university has tapped into an innovative and promising option: to harness the creativity of its students—real or simulated—to take their own classes.

And, in my experience, the results are high. Aside from boosting class attendance, (without compromising credit) creating custom courses is proof that the university is providing valuable exposure and knowledge to a broad, inclusive population—and at no extra cost.

Here are just some of the programs where online students helped produce higher quality work, enhanced collaboration, and are earning higher grades.

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