What Online Learning Sources Do Most Us Schools Use

There’s no question that online education is growing in popularity—with the popularity of online course options spiking according to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. And an increasingly large number of degrees and certificates are being offered online.

What Online Learning Sources Do Most Us Schools Use

The typical college student seeks out a variety of traditional sources in order to make informed decisions about the future of their education and career. The easiest choice, of course, is the one that is easiest to learn and does not require much of an effort on the part of the student. The traditional career schools work in cooperation with employers to help students create a plan for future employment once they have completed their education, so students frequently have those programs very relevant to their futures. However, there are certainly alternatives and there are certainly more meaningful ways for students to understand that they have made the right choice. Consider these five resources for instruction in online learning sources.

Alpha Coast

Alpha Coast is a new online educational center that is focused on tailoring instructional methods and resources to each individual student. The school is focused on their specific needs, and Alpha Coast educates their students with the hope that they can achieve their personal goals and reach their fullest potential. By making certain adaptations to their system based on specific cultural backgrounds, issues, and situations, Alpha Coast offers one of the more diverse learning resources in today’s education market.


Coursera is an online educational resource that is operating in a variety of different areas, such as business, medicine, and environmental management. Coursera is relatively recent to the online education field, and it currently works with a long list of universities that include an incredible number of fine educational institutions. These partners span countries all around the world and work with dozens of different countries as well, offering a very diverse range of degrees and grad programs. Coursera does face some serious competition, as there are other similar and high-quality resources like Udacity and Sparkcamp, but Coursera does have a wide selection of well-known partners that they work with.


Thrive is the most basic of all the online learning resources out there. Each student chooses an area of study and has the opportunity to take classes on that topic. All of the classes are offered completely online and are delivered in a relatively straightforward approach. Thrive, a school based in London, focuses on the UK market, making London a good location for many of their online students. Thrive is trying to make the course process as user-friendly as possible, so students can access classes whenever and wherever they need to.


Blackboard is a major online learning resource that has been around for a long time. In fact, Blackboard was first designed by the Department of Education in the 1960s, and eventually evolved into what is available to college students today. Blackboard provides the framework that all of the learning programs provide, allowing students to make notes, post them to course Web pages, and allow users to share their experience. Through integrated viewing and sharing tools, Blackboard has allowed students to become much more accessible and able to view their work online.

Shaping Education

Shaping Education is a website that offers advice and resources about a variety of issues, including how students can better navigate the traditional college admission process, how to stay organized and succeed in a college class, and much more. Some of the resources offered on this website are very useful, while others are self-explanatory. However, Shaping Education definitely has a depth of knowledge about a wide variety of issues that people can find very useful in making decisions about online learning.

Although all of these online resources may not all be perfect, I’m sure that many of them can help to guide students in the right direction. With all of the information at our fingertips, it can be a little difficult to keep up with all of the different options that are available to us, so I hope that these resources do offer some support to help us learn the way that we need to learn in order to succeed in today’s world.

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