What Online Learning Sources Do Most Us Schools Use

If your kids are all in on online learning, here’s some encouraging news: Existing sources, like Amazon and Google, are increasingly offering free education to students. What about professional training, though?

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In the old days, when you were trying to become more educated, you weren’t always necessarily looking for a good university program, you could just go to your local community college, go to a local library and do your best with whatever resources you have to learn. Now, when you’re trying to fill out your resume to impress your dream employers, your best bet for education is always going to be online learning. And these are the online courses you need to be taking and the internet resources you can use to fill out your resume.

1. Open Mic

In short, it’s a free online audio interview program for students. Open Mic matches students with different professionals from different industries, and they’re typically offered for free to any college student who has an email address. Interviews are recorded at the student’s convenience and the student determines when the interview ends. It allows students to work on their own schedule — and if they want to, the interview can continue even after they graduate. Because of the low cost and this easy transition, it’s an online course you can do at night, in the middle of the day or during the weekend if that’s more convenient.

Download Open Mic’s application from UC Berkeley’s Venture Lab to find some free, informal interviews that you can try. Open Mic is also partnered with popular sites like BuzzFeed, Nickelodeon and History. You can even see some of their interviews online right now!

The interview goes through various stages, too. Questions are opened up to different audience members and includes short and open format. It can be quite daunting at first, but being able to make the transition from composition class to a real-life interview, no matter what you’re studying, makes a world of difference. You’ll think much harder about what you want to say and the interviewer will get more than enough information to make their decision.

There are multiple questions, but they can focus on any facet of the student’s interest, and they can also ask additional questions to see how they like the interview. The interviewers can be business professionals, high school students, or people in other fields. As a bonus, Open Mic can be used for future interviews as well.

2. Coursera

If you haven’t already heard of Coursera, you should, because they’re used by quite a few schools across the United States to help their students get up to speed when it comes to their online learning.

Start with the “Introduction to Computer Science.” Coursera offers many more courses covering various subjects. Take some time to explore the different options. Coursera says it is a community where “students get to learn, not just be taught.” And that makes a world of difference. There are major banks of resources to help you learn about things in real-time, and you get to reach out to other people at the same time. It’s definitely worth your time.

3. General Assembly

A good way to save money on tuition and find some free courses is to get creative. Another site that has helped me personally is General Assembly.

While I was still going to college, I went to General Assembly for a couple of subjects, and it took me months to complete each of them. The classes were free, and they were always packed. I finally realized I should get in on this! After giving them some feedback and finding out what I liked, they ended up catering my course to me instead of me creating it! One example is the computer analysis major. They told me that the top four most popular skills were math, networking, software and analytics. I liked a little bit of everything.

Don’t like general courses? Consider getting a certificate for your degree! There are certified courses and you can get a certificate for learning all these skills. Not only does it show students in the industry that you’re serious about your education, but it also shows the school that you’re taking classes that they already recognize as great and can support you, not just the college.

It’s also a great way to work on resume-writing skills and do research on topics you’re interested in! Check out their website and see if you’d be interested in taking a course.

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