What Mit Is Learning About Online Courses And Working From Home

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Work from home learning: So, you are a company president who decided to step out of the office and work from home to give more time to the work in progress. You are up for the challenge!

Ethel Speight, a freelance social media consultant, blogs at Red Hot Mom Lifestyle, is a Black millennial living in California with two small children. She has always worked hard to succeed in a corporate career, but after years of arduous hours, she’s tired of constant workload and pointless meetings. The white male mindset is what she hates the most. The irony is that she’s been given an opportunity to work from home instead of moving back to the workplace. She initially registered for a few online courses from the Watkins Institute, a non-profit aiming to solve the global education crisis. “Initially, I thought that it would take about a month or so to complete, but it ended up taking half of the summer,” she recalls. “I had to study carefully and work hard at the same time. They weren’t just reading a book!”

Ethel started working for her her content creation and education consulting company as soon as she could. “I knew I wanted to stay in the business of making people happy,” she says. So for the most part, she does it all remotely. “I don’t really need to go to conferences or meetings anymore,” she shares. “Before, my family’s go-to for anything educational was Blackwell Academy, but now I have access to educational resources, strategies, tools and techniques online.”

When people asked her if she was learning anything from working from home, she replied, “Not really, I’m still kind of doing the same thing I do with school. I go to ‘course’ websites to do homework. I don’t think anyone cares if you’re sitting in your PJs at home working on your high school or college stuff, because what have you done, really?” The perils of working from home are numerous. Currently, her company’s website redirects to her company’s Facebook page because she’s not satisfied with the quality of the content on Facebook. “I could be working from a class website instead, and at least there is this clear, firm, open channel that if something isn’t coming right from the horse’s mouth, then someone will know it’s not good,” she explains.

Ethel has about 8,000 followers on her Instagram account. “People I don’t know on Instagram is usually where I find news, or link information on Twitter. I usually follow people with the same interests as me, and that has helped me find people in my field and find topics to blog about,” she shares.

Her ability to post daily content from the comfort of her home doesn’t save her money on advertising, she says. She invests everything she makes in herself and her family. “There’s no time for me to hire a ‘marketing person’ to pitch the stories, as I only really care about content,” she says. But she admits that she does hire freelance people to put together her online content, but those people only turn over a percent of their fees to her. “It is kind of like Mad Max 2: Fury Road, where they put the girl with all the guns all in one spot, and I feel like I’m constantly walking into a minefield,” she says.

However, there are perks to living in a city. “Just like that may feel like death in a zombie apocalypse, it does, but it’s also a personal empowerment point,” she says. “There are less distractions and you can really focus on one task at a time. It’s a perfect career for me. A lot of these courses have their own blog dedicated to it. So there’s a fan community behind the courses. I’m excited to share them with my family!”

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